Friday, January 23, 2009

Beta Sims


Beta Sims website

UPDATE:  04/05/2013 - Site is refusing to load for me. 

Beta Sims is an adorable little website, featuring trendy, yet edgy looks for your adults, and makeup for the ladies. The looks at Beta Sims are unique, without being over the top. Site available in English and Spanish.

Clothing: Looks for adults, mostly for the ladies.

Make-up: Several make-up looks for your sims, including some recolors of the 3D lashes.

NOTE: Downloads found under "Shop" link.

100% Free Site!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ella Sims


Ella Sims website:  DEAD SITE

Downloads available at the Graveyard.

One of my favorite Sims sites of all time, Ella's offers gorgeous object sets recolors, rugs and art.

Buy mode: Lovely object sets, rugs, recolors and the best art around.

100% Free Site!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sports Galore Set at Retail sims


Another sporty set for your sims with many decorative items, including a goal post and soccer net!

Sims 2 Code


Sims 2 Code

Today, one of my favorite things - a new discovery! Sims 2 Code is an adorable site filled with sets by one of my favorite free TSR artists - No Frills. She makes simple, adorable, high quality objects. When you need something basic to fill your sim's home, a stop here is worth the trip.

Buy Mode: Objects sets, some themed; Single objects, several for Pets, some themed; Maxis recolor sets, including tons of bedding and curtains.

Build Mode: Two build mode sets, found under "room sets."

Clothing: A few Maxis clothing recolor sets.

Accessories: One sunglasses set, found under "clothing."

Featured Sets:
Sporty Sets, room sets for toddlers and kids who love sports.

Sporty Sets at Sims 2 Code

Sporty sets for your tots made by NoFrills at Sims 2 Code.


Sporty Baby Set


Sporty Kid's Set, Part I

Sporty Kid's Set, Part II

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Retail Sims


Retail Sims website

Retail Sims has such an eclectic collection of sets and items I had a tough time deciding which picture to post. The main attraction of the site is the many Open-for-Business Ready sets - buildings and items to start any number of businesses. They also feature a number of pre-OFB business sets for those without the EP. And then there's the movie props, 'hood deco, foods, holiday sets...the list goes on and on!

Buy Mode: Business sets, both OFB and pre-OFB; Valentine's, Christmas and Halloween sets;many Spring themed items as part of a community project; Urban items; Alien world/ Fantasy plants for landscaping; Unique movie set props; Edible foods; Unique sign meshes and recolors

Neighborhood Items: Decor for your hood.

Build Mode: Walls and Floors

Lots: Many community lots pre-loaded with unique business items.

Special: Retail Sims Forum, where you can find recolors of many Retail Sims sets; registration not required to view posts.

Featured Items:
Sports Galore Set: Decorative items for your sports fans!

*It seems to me this site used to have some pay/ donation items. However, I can't seem to find that to be true, and the booty isn't loading for me to check, so until I prove otherwise, I'm listing this site as 100% Free!*

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sims 2 Car Source


Sims 2 Car Source Website

Your number one source for all things vehicle related. A tremendous selection of vehicles, sorted by manufacturer. They even have two custom choppers for those with Apartment Life!

Buy Mode: Cars, cars, cars and more cars (plus a couple copters)!

100% Free Site!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sim Forums

AkiSIMa: German forum with downloads, registration required.

Anno Sims: Forum with downloads.

Class Sims: Italian forum with downloads.

Living Sims magazine forum: the forum for the readers of Living Sims magazine - here you can get in touch with the staff, get help for design problems and participate in design contests.

Natural Sims forum: forum assosiated with the Natural Sims website.

Red Diamonds Dream forum: German forum with downloads.

Secretly Sims: Forum with cute downloads; language is either in Spanish or Portugese; downloads marked with English.

Simmer's Club Forum: Great forum with loads of cool downloads on the main page.

Sims 2 Supernova: Friendly, growing forum with downloads and contests.

Sims Divine: Forum with downloads; free registration required to see images.

Simvention: This forum puts focus on creativity. Has lots of downloads, challenges and contests.

Thyme 2 Sim: Forum with downloads; registration not required to download.

The Simmer's Club Forum: Great forum with loads of cool downloads on the main page.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


No matter what everyone says, you love Pets. Those cute little fluffballs flopping and bopping around your can't get enough! Well, here's some more....

Premade Pets

Starrats at MTS2: An precious polar bear and red panda.

Foxxy at TS2 Creations: Download this adorable little red fox by Neptune Suzy today!

Hugo's Pets: some very, very cute cats and dogs.

Ancient Sims: A few authentic ancient cats and dogs.

Klinny at MTS2: Some very unique pets including demon spawn hound, pet dragon and one-eyed alien.

Munchies at MTS2: Adorable dogs and cats, plus some bears and a bunny.

Pets at Sirona Sims: Corvidophile has realistic and cartoony breeds, including Scrat the squirrel from Ice Age!

Pet Objects and Accessories

Pet houses at Parsimonious: 2 pet houses to match the Atomic Age style and an edit of a Maxis pet bed.

Klinny at MTS2: unique pet accessories, like wings for your cats and dogs.

Doggie Bed at Ella Sims: Stylish doggie bed and recolors(also suitable for cats, of course).

Swarovski Cat collars at Sirona Sims: A little bling for your pet! (also available for dogs, here)

asSIMilated Sims: Maxis Match recolors of the pet beds and birdcage.

Monday, January 12, 2009

School Sets

Harmony Sims Classroom set: for the younger crowd.

Themed Objects Lists

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Here is where you will find pages of themed items for your downloading amusement.

Age Ain't Always Pretty: For your older sims.

At the Hospital: For your Sim's hospital needs.

Death Becomes Her: For when there's lots of blood.

I Don't Wanna be a Science Experiment!: For your science laboratories.

Sci-Fi Finds: For your adventures into sci-fi land.

Story/Movie/Photo Special Effects: For when your pics need that extra bit o sum'pin.

EP Lists
All About Pets: For when you need more little fluffballs and fluffball accessories.

Holiday Lists

Sim Veggie's Garden


SimVeggie's Garden website - SITE DOWN?

The SimVeggie site appears to be off the radar, hopefully temporarily.  You can find most (if not all) the creations here at MTS2.

SimVeggie's is one of my favorite little known sites. There are colorful landscaping varieties for your sims yards, as well as unique object recolors.

Build Mode: Fantastic landscaping recolors.

Buy mode: Creative and colorful household decor.

Clothing: A few Maxis recolors.

Face masks: Some beauty mark masks and a Hindu bindi.

100% Free Site!

Digital Perversion and Garden of Shadows


Digital Perversion website/ Down, FTM go here for files.

Garden of Shadows forum

Digital Perversion is a huge site devoted to all things dark and gothic, and Garden of Shadows is DP's sister forum site. Both sites have amazing creations of the highest quality. NOTE: Digital Perversion is down until further notice. Pat DP creations can be found in the directory here.

Bodyshop: Chokers, rings, veils and surgical masks.

Hair: Neon, gothic and streaked looks for female sims. GOS also features hair for males as well as ftm and mtf gender converted hair.

Makeup: Gorgeous gothic looks and unique face mask decorations.

Clothing: Amazing gothing looks, mostly for adults (female and male), but also for toddlers, kids and teens.

Genetics: GOS has tons of awesome genetics, including default sets.

Complete Sims: Some very unique and beautiful sims.

Buy Mode: Painting recolors and an immense wall pack at DP; a much larger selection of object recolors at GOS.

100% Free Sites!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Liana Sims


Liana Sims website

Liana has been around for years, providing high quality trendy fashions and accessories for your female sims. Her site has expanded lately to include fashion for your female teens, female kids, gorgeous female elder fashion, and even a men's line.

Sims 2 Downloads:
Clothing: All kinds of gorgeous trendy female looks, including runway looks, maternity wear and bridal gowns. There's a large selection of female teen wear, as well as everyday, formal and swimwear for your girls. And finally great everyday wear for female elders and adult males.

Accessories: Gorgeous jewelry, bags, scarves, bangles, watches and glasses.

Makeup: Lipsticks.


  Sims 3 Downloads:  
    Trendy clothing and accessories, patterns, and a few lots.

Liana Sims is primarily a free site, with some donation items.  She rotates in old donation items after a certain amount of time has passed.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Elegant Decay


Elegant Decay website

Elegant Decay is a downloads site done in blog format. The creator/host is nixy, and she has amazingly beautiful recolors and various other pretties for your sims. Her creations have rich and vibrant colors, with a hint of grungy urban decay.

Bodyshop: Hair, eyes, complete sims

Buy mode: All kinds of beautiful furniture recolors

Build mode: Grungy walls, weathered mansion items

Creator/ host: nixy
Other affiliated download sites: GOS

100% Free Site!

Friday, January 9, 2009

On the subject of...Paysites

I do not believe in paysites for Sims 2 CC. I do not support them. There are too many free sites for creators to host their items for me to buy into the "but my server costs..." argument. In addition, there are many creators who easily pay their hosting bills by placing a few ads on their sites. So, need to be paid? I don't think so.

You will notice many paysites listed on my site here, and wonder why I would even bother to list them. As mentioned, I didn't make this list to judge the creations or the creators.  Some of the sites in these lists are not sites I personally use. However, simmers have different opinions about what makes CC good. So here on this site, I just list. For any paysite listed on my site you will find a related "booty" link to PMBD. If you don't believe in file sharing, don't go there. It's that simple.

And now a video. One I did not make, but really wish I had.

JapaSims aka Sims 2 Libido


JapaSims: Dead Site

Finds at The Graveyard:  Sims 2 Libido

Finds at Sims Cave (free registration required) so far:
Japanese food.

Islands Sea Vacation and Izakaya Stuff

School Set, pictured above.

Requests to Watch (also Sims Cave):
Several sets

Simological's School Page


Simological's School Page

All of the mods you need to run your own school!

Loverat Sims


Loverat website

Loverat offers up some of the best of nearly everything you need. From room sets to lots, to the amazing tiny terrains series, this is a site to check out! We love loverat!

Buy Mode: Many room recolor sets and Maxis Match.

Build Mode: A garden recolor set.

Lots: A great selection of residential lots, furnished and not furnished, as well as some great community lots.

Terrains: The incredible, spectacular tiny terrains series.

Complete Hoods: Tributania - a glorious hood for your sims to enjoy.

Special Projects: The descriptive icon set - All kinds of icons to help you create easy to identify collections.

100% Free Site!

Fresh Prince Creations

Fresh Prince Creations


Fresh Prince items at MTS2

Fresh Prince has the best, shiniest, sportiest vehicles for your sims to show off around town.

Buy Mode: Cars, cars, cars! Also room recolors, unique decor (including the vintage car through the building deco), electronics upgrades, and outdoor decor.

Themes: Holiday items.

Build Mode: Garage door set, of course, and a beautiful custom fireplace.

Clothing: One adult male everyday.

Lots: Three residential lots.

100% Free Site!

Just Sims 2 and 3


Just Sims 2 has long provided some of the best high fashion downloads around, and of the highest quality. They feature a huge list of "As Seen On..." fashions, haute couture designs, and much, much more.

Just Sims 2 (and 3) are no longer updating, but the downloads are still available on the site.

Sims 2 Downloads:
Clothing: Adult female, adult male, toddler girl, teen girl. Celebrity fashions, designer fashions, and high fashion ready-to-wear, plus a wedding dress section.

Accessories: Gorgeous jewelry and trendy bags, found under "fashion."

Make-up: Lovely trendy looks by Barcelonista.

Genetics: Brows, Eyes, Hair and Skintones.

Buy Mode: Three lovely room recolors and paintings.

Buy Mode: Two modern wall sets, under "Houses."

Lots: Two modern residential lots.

Complete Sims: Three gorgeous male models.


Sims 3 Downloads
Amazing clothing, jewelry, accessories and sims.

Creators: ReginaS, JameLia, Barcelonista, KateK, NataliS

100% Free Site!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Death Becomes Her.

Morgue Set at Calalily Sims: Clean, Bloody and Grunge.

Bloody Walls at Class Sims.

Towels to Wear

I love this idea...Towels!

Guys in Towels: by fanseelamb at MTS2; lots of color options; not mesh needed.

Fluffy Towels Unlocked: also by fanseelamb; makes the BV towels available in BodyShop, CAS and in-game.

Misc. Sports Items

Here are all the sports items that don't have another home.

Basketball: by bunnylita at MTS2 - accessory, stays attached to hand, note mesh needed.

Basketball and Hoop: This is what looks like a functional basketball and hoop set. I can't tell for sure as it's on an Asian site. If anyone has details on this download, please let me know in the comments section, thanks!

Another Basketball Set: This time by JWoods at MTS2, another functional basketball set.

Fantasy Accessories

Feathery Wings by Peggy.


Braces: by Barcelonista at MTS2, found in game under costume makeup.

Hanging Glasses: by earendil at MTS2 - thin-framed glasses that hang around the neck.

Band-Aids for accident-prone sims - facial accessory by simenroute at InSIMenator.

At the Hospital...

Oxygen Tubes (All Ages, including Infant): by theraven at Insimenator.

Band-Aids for accident-prone sims - facial accessory by simenroute at InSIMenator.

Morgue Set at Calalily Sims: Clean, Bloody and Grunge.

Age Ain't Always Pretty

Sometimes you just want your Grandma sim to look like a Grandma. These downloads are for those times.

Under Eye Bags: for your sick, aging or tired sims, by Corvidophile at Sirona Sims, eyeliner based and layerable.

Hanging Glasses: by earendil at MTS2 - thin-framed glasses that hang around the neck.

Story/ Movie/ Photo Special Effects

Body Shop

Nouk's Beat Up Face Masks: Scratched up, bloody nose, plus three stages: beat up, healing, and healed.

Various Face Masks: Running mascara, bloody face, and black-and-blue face sets at Cheeky Sims.

Cracked and Sore Lips: by Louis at Sim Cribbling, but currently hosted at Louis's Yahoo Group; free membership required.

Under Eye Bags: for your sick, aging or tired sims, by Corvidophile at Sirona Sims, eyeliner based and layerable.

Nouk's Beat Up Clothing Set: two versions: beat up/ torn and clean; for males and females, adult and teen.

Build Mode
Bloody Walls at Class Sims.

Site Down ATM:
Scene of the Crime: Various blood spatter masks at Emo Sims.

Running Mascara: one of the more realistic ones, by ShoJoAngel at MTS2.

Strangulation Skintone: For your sims who've had a nasty run in, by AmeSabashi at MTS2.

Sexy Scars: for your tough guy sims, by Helaene at MTS2.

Scarred Skintone: For your battered and/ or cutter sims, at Emo Sims.

Themed Lists

Themed List links to go here.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anna Maria Sims


Anna Maria Sims: Sims 2, Sims 3

Sims 2 Downloads:
Clothing: Trendy fashions for your adult, teen and child female sims.

Make-up: Eyeshadows and lipsticks for the sim fashionista.

Jewelry: Earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Sims 3 Downloads:
A nice selection of clothing, patterns, and complete sims.

Paysite Alert!

Pieridae's Picks

All of my favorite things...

Adele: The best of the best, for clothing, objects and more!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

17 Teen


17 Teen website - DEAD SITE

CC available at Sims 2 Graveyard

17 Teen is an adorable site that will provide your sims with trendy apparel and more. All clothing on the site is for adult sims. I have no idea why the site is called "17 Teen."

Clothing: Female Adult - Everyday, Formal, Undies/ Sleep; Male Adult - Two everyday

Complete Sims: One female and two males - Gorgeous models for your game.

Hair: One trendy streaked hair

Sale: You can find tons of older downloads under the "sale" link; clothing, genetics, make-up and jewelry.

100% Free Site!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tools, Hacks and Mods

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Before you begin...
Remember that many of these tools, mods and hacks do not operate as simply as say, a clothing download. Many of these will modify your existing game (mods) or change the existing game to do things in a whole different way (hacks). I can't guarantee these downloads will not blow up your game! Do not download hacks and mods with the kind of wild abandon you do with other downloads. Hacks and mods often conflict with other hacks and mods and the whole thing has to be approached with a modecom of decorum. Even if you don't make it a habit to keep your downloads folder organized, you should do so with mods and hacks by putting them into a special subfolder. Don't add more than a few at a time without playing your game to test drive each new addition. This way, if your game does get borked, you can easily quit the game without saving, take out your shiny new mods and try your game again. Make sure you read the information available. Yes, all of it. Maybe even twice. Plus, if you are downloading from a site like MTS2 that has a comments section, read those as well. They are a treasure trove of useful information regarding conflicts, updates and add-ons. Finally, if you use more than a few hacks and mods, I highly recommend downloading the Hack Conflict Utility tool at Paladin's Place, which is listed below. Now, on to the links...Happy Hacking!

Decorgal Designs: Sim posing hacks; great for picture taking.

Game Mods at MTS2: Tons of stuff; free MTS2 registration required to download.

Simological: All sorts of creative and useful ways to modify your game.

Paladin's Place: a.k.a. Simwardrobe; fixes, hacks and mods.

Simbology: The new location of all 2jeffs hacks, including ACR.

SimSky: the home of Dave Luv's programs and hacks, including See Them 2.

Squinge's Mods: Here's where you can find Squinge's mods, including Pregnant Wear Anything.

Sims 2 Clean Pack Installer: Gives you more control over downloaded CC (categorization, removing etc; helps you to install CC.

Delphy's Download Organiser: by Delphy at MTS2, natch; gives you total control over your downloads folder.

SimPE: Modding tool that can practically change everything in your game.

GunMod's Camera Replacement: Gives you much greater control over the in-game camera, including the ability to see and use the entire neighborhood.

The CEP: Color Enable Package by Numenor; essential for object recoloration; needed for many recolored CC objects to show up in your game.

MATY Lot Debugger: Does so many things to help your lots runs smoother.

Pescado's Hacks at MATY: A multitude of game fixes, hacks and mods.

Neighborhood Decor Goes ANYWHERE: This is truly Awesome! SaraMK at MATY has devised a hack that allows you to place all of the neighborhood decor anywhere you'd like.

Shop at Home Coat Hook: by MaryLou and Numenor at MTS2; no time to load a super slow community lot for clothes? No problem! This hack allows you to "buy" all clothes at home, for free!

Base Game Compatible
OMSP's: One-More-Slot Package by JohnBrehaut1 and ariffrazalin at MTS2; Allows you to place multiple items on game surfaces.

More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture: by LordDarcy at MTS2; adds decorative slots on top of many Maxis furniture, like dressers or vanity tables, so you can place clutter there without OMSPs.

Random Aspect Generators: by Phaenoh at MTS2; Randomly creates aspirations, turn-ons/ turn-offs, etc; perfect for a legacy challenge.

Stay Things Shrub: at Simological; has a menu so you can choose if your buy mode objects stay when the family moves out, or get sold.

Write in Diary Pen Fix: by Menaceman44 at MTS2; with this fix your Sims will now write in their diaries with a pen, not with a scalpel.

Pirate McSkittles as Default Pollination Technition: by ChihoSan at MTS2; for prettier alien babies.

Maxis Athletic Wear as...Athletic Wear: (also a UNI version available) by Richi3frog at MTS2; Maxis everyday athletic outfits coverted to the athleticwear category.

Toddlers Use Stairs: by rebecah at MTS2; for regular and modular stairs, if you have the Pets EP please check the Pets Hacks list below.

Brightened up BodyShop: by wes_h at MTS2; makes the body shop look brighter - zaz!

Multiplacable Smart Milk: by Marhis at MTS2; a global mod that allows you to place the smart milk everywhere, not only on counters.

Salvaged Stories Crap at MATY: lots of stuff extracted from the Sims Stories series of games.

Sleep and Nap on all Lots: by Numenor at MTS2; does just what it says, and is compatible from base game through Bon Voyage.

No Red Lines at Pause by BBB at InSim; removes the annoying red lines when the game is paused; useful for those who use screenshots to capture pics instead of the in-game camera.

Custom Objects Placeable on OFB Displays and Shelves: by Numenor at MTS2; designed to help you place more kinds of items for sale on your OFB shelves; this is a GLOBAL hack, make sure to read the entire page before downloading.

Hide OFB Mascot Clothes and Hats: by jordi at MTS2; global mod; hides the mascot outfits and hats from OFB so you no longer see them in BS and CAS.

Pets EP
Puppies, Kittens and Toddlers Use Stairs: by rebecah at MTS2; enables use of stairs for pups, kittens and tods; not compatible with the toddler only version of this mod.

Get Dressed Autonomously: by Grapholina at MTS2; sims will autonomously change into everyday clothes after waking; compatible from Uni through FreeTime (possibly AL); read the comments section for possible hack conflicts.

Idle Animations Hack for Movie Making and Storytelling: by Jixs at MTS2; does just what it says; check comments section for compatability/ installation issues.

Unlocked University Outfits: by windkeeper at MTS2; YA outfits made available for adults; updated for Pets.

Seasons EP
Water "half tile" flowers fix & Water inaccessible flowers fix: by dickhurt at MTS2; first one allows Sims to water one-half tile flower beds, even if a diagonal fence or foundation runs through the tile; second one does the same but also allows you to water all flowers regardless of their location on the lot, including completely inaccessible beds.

Longer Seasons: by Quickshot at MTS2; changes the total days for each season.

Maids use Compost: by Smonaff at MTS2; if you have a compost bin on your lot, the maid will dispose of trash there.

Maxis Outerwear As...Outerwear!: by fanseelamb at MTS2; global mod; enables Maxis pre-seasons and SP outerwear as Seasons outerwear.

Replacement for Ideal Plantsim: by Sadie79 at MTS2; replaces the ugly father of spawned Plantsim babies with a better looking one.

Bon Voyage EP
Sunbathe Anywhere: by treeag at MTS2; will enable the option to sunbathe in regular lots in addition to beach lots.

Unlocked Pirates Stuff: by fanseelamb at MTS2; makes the Bon Voyage pegleg pirate costume, hats, and eye patches available in CAS and in-game.

Hotel Room Fix: by Alexx58; fixes hotel room service problem with the food disappearing in NPC's hand if your Sim tries to order food using room service more than once; obsolete for FT p2 patched game.

Lip Ring Fix: by Menaceman44; the meshes for the right lip ring on men and the left lip ring on women are not inside out anymore.

Vacation Jewelry made Available in CAS: by Atreya at MTS2; allows you to use the bon voyage vacation jewelry in CAS and any shop.

Maid Replacement - Maids Use BV Housekeeper Uniform: Atreya at MTS2 had a lovely thought - replace the maid's trashy uniform with the more realistic one from BV. Because, really, how sexy are maids supposed to be?

No Sea Chanting: by Grapholina at MTS2; prevents your Sims from the singing the sea chanty over and over again once they've learned it.

Family Fun SP
Default Replacement Clothes: by Phaenoh at MTS2; makes FFS outfits more usable in game, better colors, no more dragon feet on pajamas, etc.

FreeTime EP
Animated Free Time Cribs: by Menaceman44 at MTS2; your Sims wont stick their arms through the railings anymore!

Celebrations SP
Celebrating White - Default Replacements for Celebrations Outfits; by Phaenoh at MTS2; improved outfits, better colors, meshes made more sleek.

Community Fix for Wedding Arch: by Lord Darcy at MTS2; enables community wedding for Celebration wedding arch; obsolete in AL.

Glamour Life SP
Finishing Touches for Glamour- Defaults, Meshes and Skins: by Phaenoh at MTS2; default replacements outfits, better colors, smoother meshes, etc.

Fix for Empty State of H&M Clothing Rack: by Lord Darcy at MTS2; H&M racks no longer revert to base game wooden rack in OFB shops.

H&M Clothing Booth BV Interactions Fix: will enable Change/Plan Outfits function of H&M clothing booth for BV or FT players; requires BV or at least one EP newer than BV.

Default Mesh Fixes for H&M: by Lord Darcy at MTS2; basically makes the dresses look more sleek.

Teen Style SP
Teen Style Stuff Objects Fix for FreeTimeby Lord Darcy at MTS2; tinkering enabled for Teen TV and more.

Fix for TSS Computer and Stereo: by Lord Darcy; adds BV functions to TSS PC and stereo.

Sims 3 Mods
Sims 2 Cri: A few mods available; Site available in English and Italian.

Enjoy! And, as always, if you have recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

SC4 Hoods and Hood Decor

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update, but have all or most of the CC archived

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Bluewater Village: Empty Neighborhood terrains.

Enchanted Forest: Empty neighborhood terrains.

loverat Sims: The incredible tiny terrains series, and Tributania, a lovely complete hood.

MTS2 Neighborhoods and Empty Terrains: Tons of terrains for you to browse, plus complete hoods ready to play.

MTS2 Neighborhood Objects: Just as it says, decorative objects for your neighborhoods.

Retail Sims: Neighborhood Decor: Old buildings and some fantasy objects.

Seriously Amused Sims: Several terrains, plus "neighborhood filler" - two lots designed to be used as neighborhood decoration.

Sim e Napule: Two beach terrain sets

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Residential and Community Lots

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update, but have all or most of the CC archived

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Bei Hugo: from cute bungalows to spacious resorts...this site even has a couple of hobbit holes! Site in German; English translation by Google here.

Bluewater Village: Modern houses for your sims, both furnished and not, as well as several community lots and one vacation lot.

Calalily Sims: A large selection of furnished residential and community lots.

Curvalicious Sims: Quaint residential lots.

Dee's Decor 4 Sims: A variety of charming homes and community lots.

Enchanted Forest: Residential, community, UNI and OFB lots.

Erininy Sims: Super-cute houses and community lots.

eXpress Sims: Cute and simple homes and community lots.

Formule 1 Sims 2: Residential lots, apartments and community lots for your Sims; site in French.

Garden Breeze: Several cute residential lots and apartments, including one great grungy apartment lot.

Harmony Sims: Homes, specialty lots and neighborhoods; site in German.

HULA Sims: Beautiful, beautiful homes.

Loco Plus: Lots of lots - all types of styles and sizes, including apartments and community lots.

Loverat: Residential lots, both furnished and not, and bunches of community lots.

Mango Sims:  Residential lots for your sims home.

Mirake: An adorable cottage and fisherman's house; free at TSR; free registration required.

Modern Sims Design: Amazing modern homes for your sims; blog format.

Mony Sims: One modern residential lot.

My Sims: A wide variety of residential, community and specialty lots to choose from.

Os Sims Tugas: Portugese site with residential and community lots; site in Portugese; English translation by Google here.

Parsimonious: All kinds of housing and community downloads, with options for various EP's.

Retail Sims: Pre-loaded OFB business lots filled with unique items.

Rock Chick Sims: Two small residential lots.

RoseSims: Asian-themed residential lots.

Seriously Amused Sims: Residential and Community Lots, including dorm and vacation specialty lots.

Simcerely: Tons of residential lots, mostly furnished, as well as a few unique community lots.

Sim e Napule: Modern residential lots for Sims 2 and 3.

Simply Styling: Trendy, modern residential lots for Sims 2 and 3.

Sims 2 Cri: Mostly modern residential, but a bit of everything here; Site available in English and Italian; for Sims 2 and 3.

Sims 2 Heaven: Modern lots, mostly residential, but some community as well.

Sims 2 Houses: loads of houses in all different styles.

Sims 2 Inlimite: Several residential and community lots.

SiManiac: A variety of lots; Turkish site.

Sirona Sims: Fantastic furnished homes, beach lots and apartments from Corvidophile.

Sorceress and Company: Lovely lots by Bluetexasbonnie and the Sorceress.

Tribecca Sims 2: Tons of modern houses.

WildAlpiin Sims: A wide variety of residential and community lot, including apartments for folks with or without AL; site in German; English traslation here.

Seriously Amused Sims


Seriously Amused Sims website.

Buy Mode: Object sets, Maxis and other site recolors.

Build Mode: Walls and floors.

Lots: Many cute residential and specialty lots; some furnished with CC, some not; dorms and one vacation lot.

Specialty: Custom terrains and two "neighborhood fillers" - lots meant to be used as neighborhood decoration.

Last Update: November 2nd, 2008

Creators: Amanda, Hannah

100% Free Site & File-Share Friendly!

Story Blogs

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Legacy Challenges
The DiPotere Curse: My own story, following the DiPotere women on their search to solve a family curse.

The Wintersmith Legacy: An adorable legacy I've followed for a long time.

Ravensworth Legacy: The Legacy of the Ravenworth's.

Prosperity Challenges
Rainbow Ridge: An amazingly detailed and organized view of the sims of Rainbow Ridge.

Tranquility Bay Sims

Entire Communities
Lakeside Heights: An entire community I've recently stumbled upon.

SimState: A new blog find done in the community style.

Windlebridge: An elaborate community story taking place in a historical era.

Worlds Apart: Amazing story by Atomic Space Kitty

Ohai Dere! Sims 2


Ohai Dere! Sims 2 website

Site owner Goldaline seems to have selected all my favorite meshes to recolor, and she's done an amazing job, at that. Free furniture and decor downloads in blog format.

Buy Mode: Gorgeous recolors.

Creators: Goldaline and son.

100% Free Site!

Sims 3

Sims 3 is on it's way, to the delight (or chagrin) of Sims 2 gamers everywhere. Here's where you can find all the news you need to know about the game's impending release.

The EA Official Site

Sims 3 Cri: The Sims 3 version of the Sims 2 Cri site.

Snooty Sims: They seem to have all the best and shiniest info on the Sims 3.

Sky Sims: Info and screenshots.

2 for U

2 for U website

Clothing: Large selection of clothing for your sims; adult female, adult male, teen female; donation items here.

Accessories: Boots, Hats, Bags.

Meshes available for recolor.

Creator: Chirko

All About Style


All About Style: Sims 2 siteSims 3 site

All About Style is a long-running Sims clothing site with high quality downloads and an amazing selection of historical items.  It is one of the best sites out there, with a wide selection of available CC.

Sims 2 Downloads:
Clothing: Both modern fashion and historical wear for all ages and both genders. Older fashions and career wear can be found at the AAS Clearance Group at Yahoo (free membership required).

Accessories: A large selection of jewelry and other accessories for your sims, some historical.

Hair: Great hair and hats, some historical.

Sims 3 Downloads:
A large selection of patterns, clothing, sims, and accessories & shoes.

100% Free Site!

Pronup Sims


Pronup Sims website

Pronup Sims has been known for years as the go-to site for all your sims wedding needs.

Clothing: Wedding gowns for adult and elder female, Bridesmaid dresses for adult female and Mother of the Bride gowns for elder female. Groomsman and Groom wear for adult and elder male. Formal wear for children and toddlers.

Makeup, Hairstyles, Jewelry and other Accessories. Tiaras, floral headpieces, purses, bouquets and scepters available.

Objects: Wedding cakes and champagne.

Creator: Rosemat

Recherche Sims


Recherche Sims website: SITE MISSING ATM, 03/30/10

Recherche Sims features a host of urban fashion for all ages and both genders.

Clothing: Trendy urban apparel - all ages, both genders.

Accessories: Trendy earring pack, and several purses.

Bodyshop: Skintones, eyes, male and female hair, facial hair, makeup, masks for beauty marks and teeth

100% Free Site!

Sims 2 Play


Sims 2 Play: SITE DOWN; Forbidden Error (03/31/10)

Buy Mode: High quality object sets and single items, rugs and paintings.

Build Mode: Wall and floor sets, fencing

NOTE: The next page links are easy to miss. Look in the very lower right corner.

100% Free

Tiggy's Metro Window Set

The Metro Window Set by Tiggy027 at MTS2 is an amazingly versitile set, and a must have for builders.

Find it at MTS2.

Holy Simoly


Holy Simoly has great quality top-notch downloads of all kinds. Sadly, they do offer pay donation sets which can be found here.

Natural Sims


Natural Sims website - DEAD SITE

The Natural Sims website contains a host of items, including clothing, buy mode items, build mode items, and more. Everything you need and more can be found at Natural Sims.

Archives can be found here at Sims Creativity Forum.

Buy Mode: All kinds of objects sets and recolors, including themed sets and vehicles.

Build Mode: Columns, Landscaping Items, Doors and Windows. Walls and Floors, Ceilings, and Terrains.

Make-up: Everyday makeup for your sims.

Genetics: Eyes and Hair.

Jewelry: Lovely earring.

Clothing: Maxis-style clothing for your sims.

Lots: Many kinds of lots: Residential, Apartments, Dorms and Community.

Themes: Halloween, Gothic, Christmas, School Sets, Travel Sets (BV), Maxis Match

Natural Sims School Set

Featured Item!



Get Schooled: Amazing school set from Natural Sims which includes a host of unique meshes, an adjustable blackboard set, a phys. ed set, and much more.

Basic for Sims


Basic for Sims website

Basic...for Sims has everyday clothing (the kind people might actually wear). Imagine, sims looking like real people!

Forum with downloads, Free registration required.

Clothing: Many options available for teen, adult and elder women, and adult men.

Accessories: Six cute purses available.

Complete Sims: Lovely adult female models.

100% Free Site!

Adored Reality


Adored Reality website

Adored Reality has high quality, amazing everyday clothing for adult and teen female sims.

Clothing: Everyday clothing; adult and teen female.

Creator: Nida

Adored Reality is a part of the Wicked Nouk family, and is, of course, 100% Free.

Sirona Sims


Sirona Sims website

Sirona Sims has gorgeous high quality downloads of all kinds for your sims. Hosted by corvidophile2 (formerly of MTS2), you can be sure anything you download from Sirona will be top notch, work as it should, and look amazing in your game!

Items from Sirona Sims can be found in the Graveyard.

Her work on the Dark Project (medieval through Victorian era) is still available at MTS2.

Available at Sims Cave:
Odysseus - Greek Hunk
Several objects and lots
Nosemasks and Default Skins
Desk Deco
Dermalicious Skins, Bushy Trees and Shrubs, and Climbing Ivy


Defaults: The best defaults around, including skins, eyebrows, Brono's lipsticks and Helaene's mega default set

Genetics: Hair, skins, eyes, eyebrows and goatees

Makeup: Gorgeous gothic colors, bright bits, natural shades, layerable under eye bags and freckles

Complete Sims: Milla Jovovich, fantasy sims, BJ dolls, plus a few gorgeous humans

Lots: Amazing cottages, beach lots and more!
AL: One AL apartment lot
BV: Eight beachfront lots, some vacation, some residential
Themed Lots: Medieval, Mediterranean

Build Mode: Garage options, better Maxis columns, and wrought iron fences

Buy Mode: Maxis Match, deco, the must have "anywhere buffet," and an invisible ice skating rink

Plants: Resized versions of the Maxis landscaping plants and trees are a true must-have

Medieval: A bunch of amazing medieval lots, walls and floors, and Maxis recolors

Mediterranean: Amazing lots that transport you to sunny Tuscany

Creator: Corvidophile

Complete Sims

Complete sims for download.

Basics for Sims: Beautiful female sims; free registration required for download.

Sirona Sims: Fantasy sims, BJD's, one celeb (Milla J), and gorgeous human sims.

Clothing Sites

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update, but have all or most of the CC archived

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Fashion! Do I have to say more?

17 Teen: Trendy fashion for adults; No clue why it's called 17 Teen.

2 for U: Large selection of clothing for your sims; adult female, adult male, teen female; for donation items go here.

Adele: Amazing quality clothing for adults.

All About Style: Clothing for all ages and both genders; modern, vintage and historical fashion available.

Ancient Sims: Period clothing for your sims.

AnnaMaria Sims: Trendy fashions for female adult, teen and child sims; donation items here.

Assimilated Sims: Clothing for your simmie elders.

Basics for Sims: Basic clothing (the kind people actually wear) for your sims; male and female options of many ages; free registration required for download.

Beta Sims: Trendy clothes for your adult sim ladies; site available in English and Spanish.

Bexy's Boutique: Trendy clothing for sims of many ages and both genders.

Bluewater Village: Trendy clothes for sims of all ages.

Calalily Sims: A mix of fantasy and theme wear, including pirates! Click "various themes" or "clothing" to find downloads.

Casas Cosas Sims: Fashion for your sims who prefer to look like sims.

Cheeky Sims: Maxis-esque fashion for females, teens and adults.

Christa's Boutique: Maxis-y fashions for your sims who like to look like sims; undergoing some sort of renovation - no clothing available atm.

Closet Fusion: High quality fashion; for older downloads click "sale;" a Wicked Nouk site; site currently down due to WNF server upgrade.

Club Crimsyn: Aikea Guinea and Gelydh's gorgeous gothic creations; adult male and female; all T$R sets available for free.

Curvalicious Sims: Lovely fashions for curvy ladies, as the name implies.

Decorgal Designs: High quality fashion for your adult sims...everything from casual wear to business to formal; free registration required.

Diamante (formerly Masique Couturelle): Only a few items at this site right now - but definitely one to watch!

Different Sim Girls: Clothing for different body meshes such as skinny teen, curvy girl, modelesque, and more.

Digital Perversion: High quality dark, emo and gothic type clothing for your sims.

Downtown Sims: Fashion for sims with a downtown vibe.

Eden Style: Italian site with trendy and haute couture fashions; available in Italian or English.

Elynia: Beautifully trendy clothing for male and female adult sims.

Emilie's Creations: Though she's no longer creating, you can still snag clothing from Boutique Emilie at MTS2 and Get SkinTight creations free at TSR and at the graveyard (site currently down; WNF server upgrade).

Emotional Sims: Trendy fashion for teen and adult female sims; not to be confused with EmoSims, above.

Enchanted Forest: Maxis-esque clothing for a variety of ages.

Erininy Sims: everyday fashions for your sims, various ages.

eXpress Sims: Fashion for all ages; some with a South African flair, including some maternity and plus sizes.

Fabulous Sims: Super trendy fashions for your adult sims.

Fashion Twist: Fantastic site with great everyday clothing, and much much more.

Franny Sims: Clothing for female sims of different body shapes.

Freaky Kiss: A variety of trendy fashions for your sims.

Get Gorgeous: Trendy fashions for adult and teen females.

Glamourous Lounge: Adult fashion for chic women and pretty men.

H76CXL, free at TSR: Trendy fashions for your adult females (Check out her new Elie Saab collection!)

Helaene: High quality clothing for sims of all ages.

Imaginary: Fashion forward looks for sims, and gorgeous gothic frocks.

InBeatz: Trendy fashions for your sims.

InSimphoria: Fabulous fashion for adults and teens; older downloads found here; a Wicked Nouk site.

Jassims 2: Trendy adult female fashions; also adult male undies; donations not at PMBD yet, but soon.

Josh Sims: A variety of fashions for your adult female sims.

Just Sims 2: High quality, trendy styles for your sims, including tons of "As Seen On" fashions.

Liana Sims: Trendy outfits for adult, teen, and child female sims.

Limmerfer: Maxis-y fashion for those of you who like to keep your sims looking simmy; historical fashion section.

Lux Sims: Russian site with fashion; no English translation available.

MariaVS, free at T$R: Fashions from the creator's early days, free registration at T$R required.

Migamoo at MTS2: Tons of amazing high quality fashion for sims of all ages and both genders.

Milkazen: Trendy fashions for your sims; Site available in French and English.

Mirkwood Sims: Everyday wear, historical fashion, and movie costumes for your sims.

Modish Kitten: Trendy and high fashion items for your sims.

Mony Sims: In-style now fashion for your lux sims, with a special bridal gown section. Older downloads available by clicking the "Sale" link.

Natural Sims: Clothing, primarily for females, but some male too, and for all ages.

Niaolong: High quality clothing for many ages and both genders, much of a gothic vibe.

Nocturnal Sims: Nymphy's new site filled with gothic goodies.

Nostalgic Sims: Trendy fashions for adults, including some awesome 50's inspired swimsuits; older stuff here and here; a Wicked Nouk site - down atm due to WNF server upgrade.

Noukie Sims: From trendy to gothic, Nouk has high-quality clothing for all ages and both genders.

Parsimonious: Lots of fashion, for all ages and both genders, from everyday to fantasy to historical, all organized by themes and period.

Pernille's Pages: Lovely clothing - the kind real people might actually wear!

Pico's Sims 2: Older site, no longer updated, but lots of different types of fashion, including medieval, fit granny and various themes.

Pink Rabbit: Basic fashions for all ages.

Pixel Dolly: Gothic clothing for your sims; a Wicked Nouk site.

Poison Pink Lemons: Gorgeous trendy fashions for your sims; for older downloads click "sale;" a Wicked Nouk site.

PrivetNnata, free at T$R: - aka NataliS of HelgaSims and Just Sims 2; high end fashions for all ages, including some great senior wear; free registration with TSR required.

PronupSims: No longer updated, but still the go-to site for your sim's wedding fashion needs; site available in French and English.

Purple Plastic Princess (formerly Donna Moda): Trendy looks for your adult females.

Recherche Sims: Urban apparel for a wide variety of ages and both genders.

RenSim: A few lovely French-inspired fashions for adult female sims.

Rock Chick Sims: A wide variety of fashions for all ages.

Rose Sims: Beautiful everyday and formal, as well as fantasy, costume, Asian and anime fashions for the adult female.

Royal Sims: Trendy fashions for adult male and female sims.

Salming Style: Cute clothes for your adult female sims.

Sandy's Sims: Trendy fashions for female sims of all ages.

Shop Sims: Italian site with trendy fashions for all ages and both genders.

SiManiac Design: Turkish website with lovely fashion for adults.

SimChic: Trendy fashion for all ages and both genders, Designer looks, Celebrity "As Seen On"s and a Wedding collection; paysite with rotating freebies section .

SimCredible Designs: Maxis-y fashions for female and male adult sims.

Sim e Napule: Gorgeous, high quality designer fashions for adult female sims.

SimPlan X: A variety of fashion, including office wear and hair dresser uniforms (Paysite)

Simply Styling: High quality trendy fashions for all ages.

Sims 2 Code: A few clothing options for adult females and a recolor of the BV male kimono, made by NoFrills.

Sims 2 Cri: Trendy clothing for all ages, plus maternity wear, themes, and "As Seen On" fashions; site available in English and Italian; for Sims 2 and 3.

Sims 2 Fog: Tons of trendy clothing options for adults and teens of both genders.

Sims 2 Heaven: Trendy, emo, and Asian looks, including some elaborate historical Asian fashion; site loads slowly.

Sims 2 Inlimite: Trendy fashions for adult and teen males and females, and female children.

Sims 2 VIPs: Cute and trendy fashions, including maternity wear designed to work with Squinge's pregnancy mod. DEAD SITE.

SimSecrets: Designer wear for toddler to adult (Paysite).

Sims Evening Dress 2: Pretty formal fashions for adult female sims; Older dresses available here.

Sim Showroom: Trendy and designer fashions for adult and elder female sims.

SimsGoGoGo: Male sim's fashion, including nice suits and a policeman's uniform.

Sims Style by Simple 78: Clothing for teen, adult and elder - and the elder clothing is actually fashionable!; site in German, for English translation by Google go here.

Sims Utopia: Punk/ rock/ emo fashion for adults.

Sky Sims: Fashion for all ages; site available in English and Spanish.

Sloppy Junk from Class Sims: Gorgeous gothic looks for your adult female sims.

SoFitch: Men's Abercrombie fashion.

Sound Beat: A few cute and trendy fashions for female sims.

Star Sims: More trendy fashion for your sims.

Sussi's So Good Sims: Archive for the queen of historical fashion, hosted at MTS2.

Tarox: dresses for your sims and many historical outfits.

Tomang Homme: Gorgeous adult male clothing.

Trashcore: Unique and edgy clothing for teen and adult female sims.

Under Your Skin: Gorgeous emo/ rock/ gothic clothes.

Vita Sims: Fashion for all ages (Paysite).

Well Dressed Sim: More fashion for all ages (Paysite).

XM Sims: Trendy female fashions.

Buy Mode Sites

This page is in the process of being updated. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

4ever Sims Fantasy: Beautiful room sets; most very modern in style; donation sets here.

Around the Sims: Complete furniture sets and single deco items; donation sets here.

CC 4 Sims: Frilly florals, cute objects and lovely recolors. (Sims 2 & 3)

Christin's Villemare: German site with Maxis recolors; site in German only, English translation here (Sims 2 & 3)

Cosas de Pilar: Gorgeous recolors, tons of decor and art; site is in Spanish with English prompts. (Sims 2 & 3)

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update/ exist, but have all or most of the CC archived

37 Sims: Furniture sets, single objects and decor; donation sets here.

Adele: Some of the most detailed high quality objects around.

Ashley Doom at Black Pearl Sims (Retired): Gorgeous furniture recolors; free forum registration required.

Aussie Topenders: Recolors for your sims furnishings.

Avalon: Beautiful objects and themed sets. (Sims 1 & 2)

Avenida Sims: Objects, decor, and lots of Maxis recolors. (Sims 1 & 2)

Babbye Sims: Shiny pretties for your sims; all kinds of objects, decor and recolors.

BetterBeSim at TSR: Wonderful objects and recolors from this retired FA, free TSR registration required.

Blood for Sims: Dark and demented items for your sims. (Sims 1 & 2)

Bluewater Village: Trendy objects and recolors.

Calalily Sims: Creative and unique objects, many themed. Tons of bedding options.

DH Sims (Dincer): Amazing stuff to pretty up your sims houses; Beware! Some objects have very high poly counts. (Sims 1 & 2)

Ella Sims: Gorgeous items and recolors, plus some of the best paintings around.

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Annex: Lots of cool objects and furniture recolors for your sims.

Assimilated Sims: lots of Maxis and other site recolors and decor.
Note:  Downloads may or may not be possible; there are serious coding issues with the website.

Casas Cosas Sims: Beautiful furnishings and recolors; Spanish site with English translation prompts.

China Fan Sims: Great site for objects with an Asian flair; site available in English and Chinese.

Christa's Boutique: Unique Maxis tree and ground cover recolors, as well as furniture recolor sets featuring lots of pink for your girly simmie sims.
Note:  Site is still there, but links are invalid.

Dee's Decor 4 Sims: German site with TONS of Maxis recolors and some unique mesh items as well.

Enchanted Forest: Recolors, themed objects and holiday sets.

Erininy Sims: Colorful furniture recolors and more.


Esse ti Sims Royale: Huge collection of Maxis recolors.

eXpresSims: Maxis and other site's recolors, including a great laundry set.

Fantastic Sims: A little bit of everything.

Fresh Prince at MTS2: Gorgeous shiny cars and trucks for your sims.

Garden Breeze: Some unique items and Maxis recolors.

Harmony Sims 2 Friends: German site with furniture and recolors.

Hula Sims: Furniture recolors.

Holy Simoly: Very high quality objects that work amazingly well with existing Maxis items; donation items here.

Illusions of Grandeur: Gorgeous art, objects, and bedding.

Imaginary: Antique looking furniture and set recolors.

JapaSims Style: Japanese-inspired decor and foods, as well as furniture recolors and creative meshes. NOTE: Download links not working ATM.

Juniper Sun: Lots of walls, lots of lots, lots of art, and a few cool objects; file planet registration required to download.

Laden Swallow: Amazing furniture recolors, including many meshes from the old Sims2Luxe site

Limmerfer: Maxis recolors and lots of cool art.

Loco Plus: While primarily a lots site, Loco Plus also has some great recolors, including a fantastic Retro Set.

loverat: High quality furniture recolors.

Mango Sims: Lovely furniture sets for your sims; site is mainly in French.

Marina Sims: Fantastic objects and recolors.

MilkaZen: Art for your sims.

Mirake at TSR: Great furniture and recolors; free registration at TSR required.

N99 Forum Paks: Maxis match items, recolors, themes and more.

Natural Sims: All kinds of objects for your sims, including themed sets and Maxis Match.

Niaolong: Tons of items to download for your sims home, including some great neon.

Ohai Dere Sims 2: Gorgeous recolors; blog format.

Openhouse for Sims: Room set recolors.

Parsimonious: Lots of objects organized by themes, many with poly count meter available.

Pink Rabbit: Object recolors.

Piggi's Sims: Tons of object recolors.

Pixel Sims: Maxis recolors.

Raon Sims: Cute objects and recolors; donation items here.

Reflex Sims: Modern objects and clutter; donation items here.

ReligioSims: Religious themed items for your sims.

Retail Sims: All sorts of objects, including neighborhood decor.

RICCI2882 at TSR: Check out all of the cute items by Ricci, free at TSR.

Rock Chick Sims: Maxis furniture, bedding and wall art recolors.

Rose Sims: Furnishings and decor with an Asian flair; site in English with Chinese prompts.

Royal Sims: Chic, furnished houses and a sofa set.

Serenity Sims: Furniture recolors and decor.

Seriously Amused Sims: Nice recolors - from both Maxis and CC creators.

SIM+plicity (aka Fairywitch's Sims): Lovely site with very cool items, including loads of Moroccan inspired objects.

SiManiac: Colorful room sets and decor; Turkish site.

SimChic: Room sets, lighting and decor; paysite with rotating freebies section .

SIMcredible! Designs 2: High quality furniture sets for all your sims rooms.

Sim e Napule: Lovely recolors of modern furniture and decor.

Sim Estates 2: Everything you need to furnish your sim's home.

SimGedoehns: Modern furniture sets; donation items here; site available in English and German.

Sim Plan X: Recolors, unique objects and themed sets; pay items here.

Simply Styling: Gorgeous objects sets and recolors.

Sims 2 Car Source: Your source for cars (and a couple helicopters too).

Sims 2 Code: Fantastic collection of room sets and single item objects for your sim's home, made by NoFrills.

Sims 2 Cri: Tons of recolors and unique meshes, many with custom animations; site available in English and Italian.

Sims 2 Heaven: Modern furniture sets.

Sims 2 Play: High quality CC for your sims home.

Sims Design Avenue (formerly Caravan Sims): Beautiful object sets sorted by theme; site available in French and English.

Sims Utopia: Bedding recolors, gorgeous art and rugs.

SimVeggie's Garden: gorgeous plants to landscape your simmie's home.

Sirona Sims: Maxis match items and themed recolors.

Sky Sims: Colorful Maxis recolors.

Sorceress and Company: Beautiful site with loads of object sets (including themed sets!) and decor for your sims.

Star Sims: Maxis recolors and themed items.

Sterling Sims Design: Dozens of elegant recolors.

Stylist Sims:  Recolors and unique items for the modern sims home.

Sugah's Place:  A forum with downloads - custom and Maxis mesh recolors, as well as art and murals.  Free forum registration required to download.

Summer Afternoon (formerly French Sims Luxery): Lovely furniture sets and recolors.

Sunair Sims: SunAir of TSR fame offers her goodies free of charge at this, her personal site; furnishings have an Asian flair; site is Flash-based and available in Chinese or English; find SunAir's TSR goodies here.

Well Dressed Sim: Tons of furniture and decor for your sims; platinum items here.

XM Sims: Unique items and recolors; site available in Chinese(?) and English.

VitaSims: Unique funiture sets and recolors; donation items here.