Saturday, January 3, 2009

Build Mode Sites

Here you'll find sites with all the downloads you'll need* to build your dream house!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

Garden of Shadows:  An alternative forum with lots of walls and floors - mainly grungy, gothic, or otherwise unique - but also great windows, stairs, you name it.

Holy simoly: Many build mode items, all of the highest quality; donation items here.

Kimsie at MTS2: Chimney Recolors - along with the CEP and the in-game design tool, you can use these chimney recolors on your houses for no more ugly red bricks!

Nocturnal Sims: Nymphy's site filled with gothic goodies - walls, floors, windows, doors and more.

Parsimonious: Lots and lots of goodies, many themed! (Sims 1, 2 & 3)

Pixelhate st MTS2: Amazing build mode items, many with themes such as worn or sci-fi.

Sim e Napule: Fence sets, two terrains, walls and floors.

Sims 2 Cri/ Sims 3 Cri: Columns and half-walls, wall and floors; Site available in English and Italian.

XM Sims: Unique door and window sets, walls and floors; Site available in English and Chinese. (Sims 2 & 3)

Wall/Floor set sites to be added:
Bel Hugo: Custom walls and floors.

Blood for Sims: Gothic wall/ floor sets, including blood splattered ones.

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update, but have all or most of the CC archived

Natural Sims: Walls, floors, windows, doors, and more; all kinds of build mode items for your sims.

Niaolong: Grungy neon fencing.

Sirona Sims: Amazing downloads for your sims home building and landscaping needs.

Tribecca Sims: Tons of walls, floors and wall-floor sets, as well as building tutorials
(only a few walls and a lot available currently).

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Erininy Sims: A cypress tree recolor set.

Laden Swallow: Lots of build mode options; unique items and recolors.

Limmerfer: Ground covers and pool sets.

Os Sims Tugas: Portugese site with custom walls and floors (Paredes & Chaos).

SiManiac: Door/ window set under objects/other; Turkish site.

*NOTE: There are so many sites that feature walls and floors as their only build mode items this I have not listed them here. Those sites can be found by clicking the Walls/ Floors link.

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