Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sirona Sims


Sirona Sims website

Sirona Sims has gorgeous high quality downloads of all kinds for your sims. Hosted by corvidophile2 (formerly of MTS2), you can be sure anything you download from Sirona will be top notch, work as it should, and look amazing in your game!

Items from Sirona Sims can be found in the Graveyard.

Her work on the Dark Project (medieval through Victorian era) is still available at MTS2.

Available at Sims Cave:
Odysseus - Greek Hunk
Several objects and lots
Nosemasks and Default Skins
Desk Deco
Dermalicious Skins, Bushy Trees and Shrubs, and Climbing Ivy


Defaults: The best defaults around, including skins, eyebrows, Brono's lipsticks and Helaene's mega default set

Genetics: Hair, skins, eyes, eyebrows and goatees

Makeup: Gorgeous gothic colors, bright bits, natural shades, layerable under eye bags and freckles

Complete Sims: Milla Jovovich, fantasy sims, BJ dolls, plus a few gorgeous humans

Lots: Amazing cottages, beach lots and more!
AL: One AL apartment lot
BV: Eight beachfront lots, some vacation, some residential
Themed Lots: Medieval, Mediterranean

Build Mode: Garage options, better Maxis columns, and wrought iron fences

Buy Mode: Maxis Match, deco, the must have "anywhere buffet," and an invisible ice skating rink

Plants: Resized versions of the Maxis landscaping plants and trees are a true must-have

Medieval: A bunch of amazing medieval lots, walls and floors, and Maxis recolors

Mediterranean: Amazing lots that transport you to sunny Tuscany

Creator: Corvidophile

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