Friday, February 27, 2009

Nocturnal Sims


Nocturnal Sims website

Nymphy's profile at MTS2

Nymphy's amazing new site, filled with goodies old and new! She creates gorgeous gothic looks and items for your alternative sims. Everything is of the highest quality so you can download with confidence.

Clothing: Beautiful gothic looks, with different items available at Noukie Sims and MTS2: Adult female, Adult male, Elder female available.

Makeup: Gothic lipsticks, eyeshadows and 3D eyelashes.

Hair: Both natural looks and colorized/ streaky hair for men and women, as well as fabulous facial hair for men.

Build Mode: Great wall sets: One on Nocturnal, two at MTS2.

Buy Mode: A few objects at Noukie: One flower set, one Christmas and one Halloween.

Complete Sims: Two at MTS2.

100% Free Site!

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