Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Don't Wanna be a Science Experiment!

All the things you need to make a science lab.

Pre-OFB Medical/ Science Set at Retail Sims: Beware, this is a pre-OFB set; use the set listed below if you have OFB installed.

OFB Medical/ Science Set at Retail Sims: This is the OFB Ready version of the above set.

Laboratory Sets by Bink13y at MTS2; walls and floors set, and lab outfits set; another link to same set (?) here at Sims 2 Files.

Chemistry Lab Stuff and Laboratory Stuffby crocobura at MTS2.

Lune Attic Lab at Parsimonious.

Medical Signs at Thyme 2 Sim: Eye chart, beware microwave, handicapped, and no smoking signs using NL or Uni painting meshes.

Anatomy Medical Posters by Lethe_s at MTS2; eight posters using UNI mesh.

Biostation by Alias at MTS2; Career reward object recolor.

Robots, Computers and Business Facilitators by Paladin at Simwardrobe; go to Sims 2 > Objects.

Mad Scientist Bustin' Out Tesla Coil by wintermutaei1 at MTS2; yep, it's a copy of the Sims 1 object!

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