Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sims 2 Cri & Sims 3 Cri


Sims 2 Cri is an extensive site with downloads, forums and contests. The site is in Italian and English and hosts downloads for both Sims 2 and 3.

Sims 2 Downloads
Clothing: Clothing is trendy and haute couture, with themes including a Playboy swim/ lingerie collection, wedding dresses, maternity wear, traditional Oriental looks, and others.

Whole Sims: Tons of gorgeous male and female sim models, sims of the Sims2Cri staff, and celebrities, including the Gilmore girls and two Twilight characters.

Hair: Hair recolors, mostly for female sims.

Accessories: Eyeglasses, scarves, jewelry, handbags and pacifiers.

Build Mode: Columns and Half-walls, Wall and Floor sets.

Lots: All kinds of lots: Residential, Community, Lodging, Dorms, and Apartments.

Buy Mode: Room and object recolors of all types.

Genetics: Two skin sets and three eyesets.

Makeup: Basic trendy makeup, plus four facemasks - beautymarks and a beauty routine set (upper lip wax, anyone?)

Pets: Cats and Dogs, plus some pet stuff recolors

Sims 3 Downloads
Accessories: Female leggings

Whole Sims: Fergie, Avril Lavigne, Myley Cyrus

Clothing: Mostly for adult females, but a few for teens and male adults/ teens as well.

Lots: Mostly trendy residential, but a few community and apartment lots as well.

Makeup: Eyeshadows

Neighborhoods: Two available

Patterns: Hundreds to choose from

Objects: Sets and single items

Misc: Icon packs, Shoes and Tattoos

Mods available

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