Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Downloads I Use, Part V - Buy Mode


OMSP's: I like to have lots in my game for deco options --

Tie Fighter, 20 XM Sims Curtain recolors, by Gelydh at GOS
Bond's Mill, Holy Simoly curtain recolors, by Gelydh at GOS
AutoPelmets*, automatic drapes and shades by Inge at Simological
*Windlebridge recolors of the autopelmets, at Windlebridge
*Maxis-match shades by amythest at Laden Swallow
*Solids of Inge's Drapes by amythest at Laden Swallow
*Maxis Bedding Match of auto drapes by amythest
*Mermaid Cove recolors of Inge's drapes, no link, site now gone
Reflective Floors and Walls, by Murano at TSR (booty link) - still need, booty down

Eclectic Tastes, Rug recolors on a FT mesh, by Inertia at GOS
Old and Soiled Carpets at Pixel Dolly

Wall Art:
Set of Band Posters at Snow White Sims
Go Ask Alice! 5 Twisted Alice in Wonderland paintings, by MinLynn at GOS
Bulletin Board Recolors, including a Bella Goth board, by Simgaroop at her LJ
My Other Car is a Millenium Falcon, Six White Boards, Maxis Recolors by KunoichiKatie at GOS

Lots of art* from Illusions of Grandeur
* Mayflowers3
*Alice in Wonderland
*Halloween Witches

Kitchen and Bath Clutter:
Resized clutter by Geldyh at GOS
Misc. Clutter at Dincer Sims
Dining in Dreamland: Extracted Maxis Clutter by Azaya at GOS

Tea Set* at Garden Breeze
*Gorgeous recolors by Jesss at GOS

Misc. Decor:
Filthy Words, LDG Notepad and Pen recolors in Grunge and Blood, by Kielen at GOS
Nowhere Left to Hide, crates and recolors by fiddledeedee at GOS
seven cities ago - Half-Life 2 clutter by fiddledeedee at GOS
Ventilation and Pipeline - Recolors of the AL pipes by MurderDoll at GOS
Filthy Fingers, LDG wall switch recolors by omer at GOS
Trance Awake, rusty grungy LDG wall switch recolors by aikea at GOS
Wait until Three, Darkly quilted bedding, by aikea at GOS
Square Tablecloths* by nengi at Sims Crossing
*plus recolors here and here by Grito at MTS2
Round Tablecloth by fizzbin at MTS2
Basic Cushion Plus*, deco cushions at Parsimonious
Can't Stop Smoking, cigarettes and smoking related clutter, by nixy
Rubber ducks by Geldyh at GOS
Ouija Board and Book of Shadows at Retail Sims
Books and Count Chocula, Club Crimsyn, Objects, Page 1
Children's Books, Dr. Suess and Where the Wild Things Are
Trading Places, vase decor set at Parsimonious
Color Correction, Art Supply deco by nixy at GOS
My Best Friend's Hot, more knitting clutter than you will ever need, by Pooklet at GOS
Floor Pillows by SunAir at T$R (booty link - agc_bedroom_a.rar
*Recolors by Sophel21 at T$R (booty link - whataboutcushions, parts i, ii, and iii)
Cause Your Friends Don't Dance, ballet shoes by Kielen at GOS
Trays and Houseplants at Simply Styling, Objects > Objects with our meshes > Deco > Page 4
Nursery Deco, Simply Styling Objects> Objects with our meshes> Deco> Page 16
Hall Deco*, Simply Styling Objects> Objects with our meshes> Hall> Page 1 and Page 3
Woolen hat and mitten set* at Around the Sims, bottom of page
*Recolors for both sets at Ohai Dere!


Tiny Ceiling Light by senesi at MTS2
The Bazaar Lamp set at Parsimonious
Imperial Lamps candle set at Parsimonious
Anywhere Candles at Parsimonious

Comfort (Chairs/ Sofas/ Beds):
Chinese Beds at Dincer Sims

blake boy's modular sofas at MTS2:

Renovation Forbidden, recolors of the Maxis folding chair by Dinki at GOS

Darker than Darkness, grungy neon booth recolors by RenK at GOS
I'm Not Ready But I Go, grungy neon outdoor sofa recolors by RenK at GOS
Dark Side of the Sun, coffin recolors by Azaya at GOS

Recolors of the AL Murphy Bed by evanesco at her LJ


Backless shower/ tub* by Inge at Simological
*Recolors at Piggi's - mesh included (Downloads > Objects From other Sites > Bathroom)

Fabric Bookcase by Raon (booty link - bookcase2)

Grungy Maxis Recolors:
Grungy Musical Instruments by Azaya at GOS (scan whole thread)

NL Stuff:
Simland Cinema by Oldmantiker at Male Order Bride
Theater Set by RaonJena (booty link)

Neon Wall Signs by Atavera, archived at MTS2 (scroll down)

Apocolyptic Phone Recolor by Purity Project at MTS2
Fully Functional Phone Booths by nicvncnt at MTS2

OFB Items:
Restaurant Podiums, grungy recolors by girlfromverona at GOS
Maxis Match OFB shelves by nectare at The Laden Swallow
When You Wish upon a Star, moar grungy OFB recolors by twistedFATE atGOS
JunkYard Grungification Overload, grungy OFB and FT recolors by twistedFATE

The Liquor Store at Retail Sims
Tea, Bath and Herb shop* at Retail Sims
*Food Displayed in Baskets, recolor of the Potpourri Rack, by BILLYSIMS at MTS2

Botanica Set by Sims Connection
Coffee Time Set by Sims Connection
Italian Deli Set by Sims Connection

Hanging Magazine Holder* by thefuzmixman at MTS2
*Recolors by OpenHouseJack at MTS2

Kid Stuff:
Playable Sandbox by bienchen at MTS2
Rideable Tricycle by rebecah at MTS2
Toddler Rideable Wheely Bug by rebecah at MTS2
Child Rideable Bike by rebecah at MTS2

Nursery Set* at Parsimonious
*Recolors by Inominato at GOS
*Wooden Activity Tables by traciandrus at GOS

Yeah Baby Nursery at Parsimonious

Baby Floor Blanket by Atavera, archived at MTS2 (scroll down)

Pet Stuff:
One Tile Pet Beds at Simwardrobe (Sims 2 > Objects > Pet Beds)
*Recolors at Piggis

Ball of Yarn cat toy, by Thunderwitch
*recolors by Pooklet at GOS

Beaten In Desk (FT)
Adirondack Outdoor Furniture
TT: Flower Crafting Station
Counters: Cheap, Club, Loft, Art Nouveau
Desks: Asian Desk, Maxis Club Desk, GLS Luxury Desk
TT: Moroccan Table
Expensive Shower
Expensive Toilet
TT: Piano
TT: Easel
Table and Chairs di Bistro
TT: Doghouse recolors
TT: Mailbox recolors
TT: Photobooth

Tea Party chairs
Cowboy chairs
Tiki counters - metal recolors
Mission counters - set 2

Sewing Part I and Part II, by lalabubus at GOS
Retro Metal Patio Furniture* by CTNutmegger at MTS2
*Rusty Recolors by Nixy at Elegant Decay
Bathroom Sets 3 and 4, Sims in Paris
Outdoor Set 2, Sims in Paris, Page 3
Outdoor 3 by SIP

Living Room*, Forum Gift 6, by Jasmine at Black Pearl Sims

Set PML, Laundry Room Set, Others page 3, at Mango Sims
*Turn it Up! recolors by evanesco
Toile Tea for Dining at Parsimonious
Noguchi Deco Study at Parsimonious (perfect for the Curious Bro's!)
Holy Simoly Donation Pack 3
Running Town, worn furniture set
Urban Train, various grungy recolors
Mystic Living Set from Around the Sims, minus the sofa and coffee table
Old Green Patio Set from Around the Sims
Bar Distress, grungy recolors by Ghanima, found at the graveyard (Pixel Dolly > ghanima > objects)
Grungy Kitchen, counter set by ghanima, found in the same place as Bar Distress
Bewitched set by Kate at Parsimonious (Counters, lamp, and fireplace)
Bath 2 by Sims in Paris
Bedroom 5 at Sims in Paris
Living Room 4 at Sims in Paris
Bedroom 11 at 4ESF

Mediterranean Gap set* and Recolors by ANNA at BPS
* Rustico dining by Mirake at TSR
* Ceiling Beams by Maylin at MTS2

Table and Chair set* by cassandre at BPS
*Colorful recolors at Recently in the Ocean

1929 Lincoln Phaeton by Fresh Prince at MTS2
Police Car by Fresh Prince at MTS2

TT = To Test

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