Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rose Sims

Rose Sims

Rose Sims website

Rose has been creating FOREVER, it seems, and her beautiful creations have been a part of the great paysite debate which rages through the Sims community. Nevertheless, her custom hair meshes are among the most recolored, and tend to be of higher quality than a certain gappy paysite counterpart. She also does gorgeous clothing, objects and special items, such as anime and Japanese custom meshes.


Hair: Amazing hairs in natural colors for male and female Sims, custom meshes, Asian and Anime hairs, and costume hairs.

Clothing: Beautiful outfits, mostly for adult female Sims, but a couple for males as well, including Asian, Anime, and historical costumes.

Accessories: Rose has some of the most unique accessories around. From sparkling jewelry sets, to head veils and tiaras, to earmuffs and Anime headgear, there really is something for everyone. She also has a set of accessories found under the "Magic" section which includes Anime and realistic weaponry, and other nifty props.

Objects: Asian style furniture and room sets.

Make-up: Make-up options for your Sims, including some eyebrow sets.

Poseboxes: Two poseboxes for you picture-takers and story-tellers.

Complete Sims: Many complete Sims by several different creators, found under "Face" link.

Lots: Asian style residential lots.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rock Chick Sims

Rock Chick Sims

Rock Chick Sims website - SITE DOWN?

Many Rock Chick downloads can be found here at MTS2.


Complete Sims: A ton of original Sims for download, including six rock star celebrities.

Accessories: TONS of jewelry - necklaces for both male and female sims, and earrings - as well as scarves and bags.

Clothing: Clothing for all ages, including some various body shapes.

Eyes: Over 50 different eye sets, some default.

Hair: Over 100 different hair recolors, some natural, some colored & streaked, both male and female.

Make-up: Lip sets, Eye Shadows, Mascaras (both natural and decorative), and Blushes.

Objects: Recolors of Maxis furniture, bedding and art.

Lots: Two small residential lots.

Walls and Floors: Many colorful choices.