Wednesday, June 3, 2009

eXpress Sims

eXpress Sims

eXpress Sims site

Dead Site - files can be found at the Graveyard.

eXpress Sims is a great site, filled with everyday wear for females of all ages, as well as unique goodies with a South African flair.


Clothing: Many options for adult females, including traditional African dress and maternity options (with Squinge mod). She even has a section of clothing for the Momma Lisa plus size mesh from Franny Sims. You'll also find outfits for female teens, children and tots.

Face Masks: Traditional African face paint for all ages and genders.

Accessories: Cute earrings and purses.

Buy Mode: Fantastic recolors of furniture and outdoor sets.

Lots: Several residential lots with the theme "Simple Lane," as well as some cute community lots.

Misc: eXpress is part of the Wicked Nouk family, and so has archived all of their WNF aspiration reward contributions; click the "Aspiration Rewards" tab.

100% Free Site!

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