Saturday, January 3, 2009

Clothing Sites

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update, but have all or most of the CC archived

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Fashion! Do I have to say more?

17 Teen: Trendy fashion for adults; No clue why it's called 17 Teen.

2 for U: Large selection of clothing for your sims; adult female, adult male, teen female; for donation items go here.

Adele: Amazing quality clothing for adults.

All About Style: Clothing for all ages and both genders; modern, vintage and historical fashion available.

Ancient Sims: Period clothing for your sims.

AnnaMaria Sims: Trendy fashions for female adult, teen and child sims; donation items here.

Assimilated Sims: Clothing for your simmie elders.

Basics for Sims: Basic clothing (the kind people actually wear) for your sims; male and female options of many ages; free registration required for download.

Beta Sims: Trendy clothes for your adult sim ladies; site available in English and Spanish.

Bexy's Boutique: Trendy clothing for sims of many ages and both genders.

Bluewater Village: Trendy clothes for sims of all ages.

Calalily Sims: A mix of fantasy and theme wear, including pirates! Click "various themes" or "clothing" to find downloads.

Casas Cosas Sims: Fashion for your sims who prefer to look like sims.

Cheeky Sims: Maxis-esque fashion for females, teens and adults.

Christa's Boutique: Maxis-y fashions for your sims who like to look like sims; undergoing some sort of renovation - no clothing available atm.

Closet Fusion: High quality fashion; for older downloads click "sale;" a Wicked Nouk site; site currently down due to WNF server upgrade.

Club Crimsyn: Aikea Guinea and Gelydh's gorgeous gothic creations; adult male and female; all T$R sets available for free.

Curvalicious Sims: Lovely fashions for curvy ladies, as the name implies.

Decorgal Designs: High quality fashion for your adult sims...everything from casual wear to business to formal; free registration required.

Diamante (formerly Masique Couturelle): Only a few items at this site right now - but definitely one to watch!

Different Sim Girls: Clothing for different body meshes such as skinny teen, curvy girl, modelesque, and more.

Digital Perversion: High quality dark, emo and gothic type clothing for your sims.

Downtown Sims: Fashion for sims with a downtown vibe.

Eden Style: Italian site with trendy and haute couture fashions; available in Italian or English.

Elynia: Beautifully trendy clothing for male and female adult sims.

Emilie's Creations: Though she's no longer creating, you can still snag clothing from Boutique Emilie at MTS2 and Get SkinTight creations free at TSR and at the graveyard (site currently down; WNF server upgrade).

Emotional Sims: Trendy fashion for teen and adult female sims; not to be confused with EmoSims, above.

Enchanted Forest: Maxis-esque clothing for a variety of ages.

Erininy Sims: everyday fashions for your sims, various ages.

eXpress Sims: Fashion for all ages; some with a South African flair, including some maternity and plus sizes.

Fabulous Sims: Super trendy fashions for your adult sims.

Fashion Twist: Fantastic site with great everyday clothing, and much much more.

Franny Sims: Clothing for female sims of different body shapes.

Freaky Kiss: A variety of trendy fashions for your sims.

Get Gorgeous: Trendy fashions for adult and teen females.

Glamourous Lounge: Adult fashion for chic women and pretty men.

H76CXL, free at TSR: Trendy fashions for your adult females (Check out her new Elie Saab collection!)

Helaene: High quality clothing for sims of all ages.

Imaginary: Fashion forward looks for sims, and gorgeous gothic frocks.

InBeatz: Trendy fashions for your sims.

InSimphoria: Fabulous fashion for adults and teens; older downloads found here; a Wicked Nouk site.

Jassims 2: Trendy adult female fashions; also adult male undies; donations not at PMBD yet, but soon.

Josh Sims: A variety of fashions for your adult female sims.

Just Sims 2: High quality, trendy styles for your sims, including tons of "As Seen On" fashions.

Liana Sims: Trendy outfits for adult, teen, and child female sims.

Limmerfer: Maxis-y fashion for those of you who like to keep your sims looking simmy; historical fashion section.

Lux Sims: Russian site with fashion; no English translation available.

MariaVS, free at T$R: Fashions from the creator's early days, free registration at T$R required.

Migamoo at MTS2: Tons of amazing high quality fashion for sims of all ages and both genders.

Milkazen: Trendy fashions for your sims; Site available in French and English.

Mirkwood Sims: Everyday wear, historical fashion, and movie costumes for your sims.

Modish Kitten: Trendy and high fashion items for your sims.

Mony Sims: In-style now fashion for your lux sims, with a special bridal gown section. Older downloads available by clicking the "Sale" link.

Natural Sims: Clothing, primarily for females, but some male too, and for all ages.

Niaolong: High quality clothing for many ages and both genders, much of a gothic vibe.

Nocturnal Sims: Nymphy's new site filled with gothic goodies.

Nostalgic Sims: Trendy fashions for adults, including some awesome 50's inspired swimsuits; older stuff here and here; a Wicked Nouk site - down atm due to WNF server upgrade.

Noukie Sims: From trendy to gothic, Nouk has high-quality clothing for all ages and both genders.

Parsimonious: Lots of fashion, for all ages and both genders, from everyday to fantasy to historical, all organized by themes and period.

Pernille's Pages: Lovely clothing - the kind real people might actually wear!

Pico's Sims 2: Older site, no longer updated, but lots of different types of fashion, including medieval, fit granny and various themes.

Pink Rabbit: Basic fashions for all ages.

Pixel Dolly: Gothic clothing for your sims; a Wicked Nouk site.

Poison Pink Lemons: Gorgeous trendy fashions for your sims; for older downloads click "sale;" a Wicked Nouk site.

PrivetNnata, free at T$R: - aka NataliS of HelgaSims and Just Sims 2; high end fashions for all ages, including some great senior wear; free registration with TSR required.

PronupSims: No longer updated, but still the go-to site for your sim's wedding fashion needs; site available in French and English.

Purple Plastic Princess (formerly Donna Moda): Trendy looks for your adult females.

Recherche Sims: Urban apparel for a wide variety of ages and both genders.

RenSim: A few lovely French-inspired fashions for adult female sims.

Rock Chick Sims: A wide variety of fashions for all ages.

Rose Sims: Beautiful everyday and formal, as well as fantasy, costume, Asian and anime fashions for the adult female.

Royal Sims: Trendy fashions for adult male and female sims.

Salming Style: Cute clothes for your adult female sims.

Sandy's Sims: Trendy fashions for female sims of all ages.

Shop Sims: Italian site with trendy fashions for all ages and both genders.

SiManiac Design: Turkish website with lovely fashion for adults.

SimChic: Trendy fashion for all ages and both genders, Designer looks, Celebrity "As Seen On"s and a Wedding collection; paysite with rotating freebies section .

SimCredible Designs: Maxis-y fashions for female and male adult sims.

Sim e Napule: Gorgeous, high quality designer fashions for adult female sims.

SimPlan X: A variety of fashion, including office wear and hair dresser uniforms (Paysite)

Simply Styling: High quality trendy fashions for all ages.

Sims 2 Code: A few clothing options for adult females and a recolor of the BV male kimono, made by NoFrills.

Sims 2 Cri: Trendy clothing for all ages, plus maternity wear, themes, and "As Seen On" fashions; site available in English and Italian; for Sims 2 and 3.

Sims 2 Fog: Tons of trendy clothing options for adults and teens of both genders.

Sims 2 Heaven: Trendy, emo, and Asian looks, including some elaborate historical Asian fashion; site loads slowly.

Sims 2 Inlimite: Trendy fashions for adult and teen males and females, and female children.

Sims 2 VIPs: Cute and trendy fashions, including maternity wear designed to work with Squinge's pregnancy mod. DEAD SITE.

SimSecrets: Designer wear for toddler to adult (Paysite).

Sims Evening Dress 2: Pretty formal fashions for adult female sims; Older dresses available here.

Sim Showroom: Trendy and designer fashions for adult and elder female sims.

SimsGoGoGo: Male sim's fashion, including nice suits and a policeman's uniform.

Sims Style by Simple 78: Clothing for teen, adult and elder - and the elder clothing is actually fashionable!; site in German, for English translation by Google go here.

Sims Utopia: Punk/ rock/ emo fashion for adults.

Sky Sims: Fashion for all ages; site available in English and Spanish.

Sloppy Junk from Class Sims: Gorgeous gothic looks for your adult female sims.

SoFitch: Men's Abercrombie fashion.

Sound Beat: A few cute and trendy fashions for female sims.

Star Sims: More trendy fashion for your sims.

Sussi's So Good Sims: Archive for the queen of historical fashion, hosted at MTS2.

Tarox: dresses for your sims and many historical outfits.

Tomang Homme: Gorgeous adult male clothing.

Trashcore: Unique and edgy clothing for teen and adult female sims.

Under Your Skin: Gorgeous emo/ rock/ gothic clothes.

Vita Sims: Fashion for all ages (Paysite).

Well Dressed Sim: More fashion for all ages (Paysite).

XM Sims: Trendy female fashions.


  1. What happens when some of these sites are gone? Sims 2 Vip isn't at the graveyard, either.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Jess. I'll check on that one for you.

  3. Sometimes simmers just disappear. Here's the lowdown on Sims 2 VIP's: