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The Downloads I Use, Part IV - Clothing

*I convert all of my adult clothing so it is YA compatable, and some so they are elder compatable, see here for more info.

Mirkwood Sims:
Black and white men's shirt outfit, page 2
Pink Toddler Casual Dress and Grey Toddler Casual Dress, page 8
Adult Male "Tattoo" Shirt, page 9

BlackStar dress set for adult female
White and Black dress with boots for adult female
Grey polkadotted top with jeans for teen female

Pretty undies for adult female, by herman, aka Bruno, sets 1 and 4
Belted Coats by Amaryll, outerwear for adult female
Mommy's Little Monsters, goth toddler dresses by skeletonkiss
Combat Boots with Ruffle Skirts (teen and adult) for females, by Nouk
Ripped Rusty Nail Sweater Dresses, for adult female, by petitChat
SchoolDays, FT top as separate, for adult female, by Amaryll
Untucked Cardigan Separates, for adult females, by elunaira
Sleepless Child pj's, for adult female, by Geldyh
Aurora Borealis, four gothic lingerie sets with boots, by Norimuse
Studded Ruffle Top and Bottom, for adult female, by Ghanima*
*Top Mesh, along with Black Camisole and Lolita Plaid tops, by HP at MTS2
Black Planet, Coat with Open Boots, for adult male, by Aikea
Fansee Punkish, untucked tees for adult males, by Sizza
Daum II, Outfits for adult males, by Bosie: 2, 3, 5, 13, 14, 15
Heaven is out of Reach, Lumberjack tops for adult male and female, by Aikea
A Common Disaster, Sweaters for adult males and females, by Aikea
Bitter World, adult male trench coats by Izz
Sugar High*, athletic wear for kids, by Aquilegia
*plus mesh and recolors by fakepeeps at MTS2
Nana's Basement, girl's formalwear by neuroticrobot
My Child is Afflicted, full outfits for kids, by MsSpookiness
TT: Tutu's for Children by Aelia
The Beekeeper, layered tee outfits for senior females, by MsSpookiness
Ruins, elder female formals, by Ghanima
Witch undies, elder female, by MsSpookiness
Mommy Boy: Man-ternity Wear at GOS
Annie, Recolors of the FT Tech outfit, by Cosette

Naked Clothing by bea_ap80 at Sexy Sims (no link; 18+ site)

iliketoplaygod (LJ):
Lazy Days loungewear for teens and adults (females).


Thermal PJ's for teen females
Petit Fours lingerie for adult female
Secret Weapon, adult female PJ set by bruno at MTS2

Mojo PJ's & Athletic Wear for adult females

Eclipses I have Seen, Elder female clothes set
Synthetic Vibes, adult male underwear set


Maxis Fairy costume recolors for children

Basic Bathing Suits for little girls

Dance Wear for Child Female



TT: Gothic Swim, at the graveyard
TT: Teal Sparkly Bikini, by helaene, at the Graveyard

All About Style:
Stripe Top, Casual Outfits, Page 1
Lacey Sweater/ Pants, Casual Outfits, Page 1
Wrap Sweater/ Pants, Casual Outfits, Page 1
Black Slacks for Untucked Tops, Casual Bottoms, Page 1
Roll-Ups for Untucked Tops, Casual Bottoms, Page 1
Flare Jeans (Regular and Untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
Patio Dress, Formal, Page 1
Corded Sequin, Formal, Page 1
Pucci Type Print, Swim, Page 1
Cap Sleeve Gottex, Swim, Page 1
Watercolor, Swim, Page 2
Natori Floral Gown, Sleep, Page 1
Natori Orient Print Gown, Sleep, Page 1
Natori Floral Shift, Sleep, Page 1
Black Lace Tank and Panty, Undies, Page 1
Black Lace Cami Set, Undies, Page 1
Red and Black, Undies, Page 1
Black Cami Set, Undies, Page 1
Sport Skirt Set, Athletics, Page 1
Pink Plum Set, Athletics, Page 1
Love to Exercise, Athletics, Page 1
Simple Black Leotard, Athletics, Page 1
Black Rouched Warmup, Athletics, Page 1
Plaid Double Breasted Trench, Outerwear, Page 1

Black Argyle, Casual Outfits, Page 1
Argyle Sweater and Pants, Casual Outfits, Page 2
Grey Jersey Set, Athletics, Page 1

Boyfriend Cardigan, Casual Outfits, Page 8
Blouse with Vest, Casual Tops, Page 1
Untucked BlackWhite, Casual Tops, Page 1
Untucked Print Jersey, Casual Tops, Page 1
Boyfriend Sweater, Casual Tops, Page 2
Ombre Plaid Shirt*, Casual Tops, Page 3
*Plus mesh and recolors by CatofEvilGenious at MTS2
Diesel Jeans (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
Damage Jeans (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
White Pants (untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
Black Capri Sandals (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
Dark Indigo Jeans (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
Siwy Jeans Barefoot (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 2
McQueen Lace Awards Gown, Formals, Page 1
Valentino Black Sheer, Formals, Page 3
Valentino Lace Bow, Formals, Page 3
Balmain Lace, Formals, Page 5
Lock and Key, Swim, Page 1
Blue Zebra, Swim, Page 1
Natori Viola Cami, Sleep, Page 1
Natori Silk Floral,Sleep, Page 1
Brown Suede/ Fur Trim, Outerwear, Page 1
Gucci Plaid Tweed Coat, Outerwear, Page 1
Gaultier Red/ Black Tartan Trench, Outerwear, Page 1
Short Coat over Pants, Outerwear, Page 3
Red Wool Coat, Outerwear, Page 3
Lauren Black Wrap, Outerwear, Page 3

Skinny Pants, Casual Outfits, Page 2
G Star Raw Jeans (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
Destroyed Jeans (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
PRPS Barracuda Jeans (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1
PRPS Torque Jeans (regular and untucked), Casual Bottoms, Page 1

Baby Phat Jacket and Jeans, Outerwear, Page 1
Green Houndstooth, Outerwear, Page 1

Untucked Worn Jeans, Casual, Page 2
Graphic Tee Brown, Casual, Page 3

Elder Female:
Cream top with Beige skirt, everyday, page 1
Black outfit with red belt, everyday, page 1
Adult Female:
Grey checked jacket outfit, outerwear, page 1
Black lace panties, undies, page 1
Grey turtleneck and matching sweater, everyday, both page 2
Jeans with flip-flops, everyday, page 2
Red argyle sweater outfit, everyday, page 5
Teen Female:
Black shirt with panties, sleep, page 1

Adult Male:
Purple Vest Outfit: Male Clothes, Page 5
Grey Track suit, Male Clothes, Page 6
Henley, all colors, sleeves pushed up, Male Clothes, Page 7
Black trench, Male Clothes, Page 9
Black pinstripe shirt outfit, Male Clothes, Page 9
Cybergoth, TSR Sets, AM, Page 1
Adult Jammies, in red and gree, TSR Sets, AM, Page 2
Two-Tone Sweaters for AM, TSR Sets, AM, Page 4
This Corrosion trench, TSR Sets, AM, Page 5
Dissolve trench, TSR Sets, AM, Page 5
Wire, Sweaters and Jeans for Males, TSR Sets, AM, Page 6
Demolition, Grungy Sweaters for Males, TSR Sets, AM, Page 6
Belted Leather Trench for Males, TSR Sets, AM, Page 7
Boot Cut Pants with Jacket for Males, TSR Sets, AM, Page 9
Fitted Bootcut and Distressed Jeans, TSR Sets, AM, both Page 9
Kingdom Come and Hanged Man Jean sets, TSR Sets, both Page 11

Adult Female:
Black Pants and Pinstriped Pants, Female Clothes, Page 6
Tank with Bra Strap, Female Clothes, Page 6
Black trench and Purple trench, Female Clothes, Page 7
Both sets of jeans with tennies, Female Clothes, Page 8
Three sets of bootcut jeans, Female Clothes, Page 8
Basic shirts superset, TSR Sets, AF, Page 1
Gothic tops, TSR Sets, AF, Page 1
Sometimes, dress, TSR Sets, AF, Page 6

Teen Male:
Bootcut and Distressed Jeans, TSR Sets, TM, Page 2
Sarvear sweater outfits, TSR Sets, TM, Page 2
Teen Female:
Ceremony, lacey tops, TSR Sets, TF, Page 1
Bootcut Jeans for TF, TSR Sets, TF, Page 1
Endless outfits, TSR Sets, TF, Page 1
Incantation leggings, TSR Sets, TF, Page 2
Confusion flannels, TSR Sets, TF, Page 2
Child, Unisex:
Bootcut Jeans and Layered tees, TSR Sets, CU, Page 1
Playground Twist, TSR Sets, CU, Page 1

Pixel Dolly:
Fusion 3, teen female casual outfit
80's Goth, 1 and 2, adult female casual outfit
Antiquated, elder male vest outfit

Street Coatlet, for adult and teen females
Fitted Velvet Jacket, adult and teen males

Some Outfits for Lil Girls by Pestix

Liana Sims:
Adult female Casual Outfits:
Adult female Casual - Converted to Formal with BodyShop:

Adult female Formal:
Adult female PJ's:
Adult female Swim:


Teen Female Everyday

Teen Female Formal

Teen Female Swim

Teen Female Outerwear

Checked top and jeans for teen females

A bunch of swimwear for adult female (first five suits)
Black tee and jeans for adult men
"Sweetheart" outfit for teen girls
"Vintage Threads" outfit for teen girls
"Loose top, denim mini" outfit for teen girls

Green tee with black vest, adult female outfit
Black vest with checked pants, adult female outfit

Pink kitty nightie for girls

Polka Dotted undies for adult female, first selection

Decorgal Designs (free registration required):
Whole Outfits, for Her (adult female):

(fashions for adult male sims)
Blue tee with Jeans, Pic #3, Page 1
Black and white suit, Pic #1, Page 2
Black suit, Pic #1, Page 5
Black suit, Pic #2, Page 6
All three suits, Page 8

Just Sims 2:
Adult female:
Red Elie Saab by NataliS
Gold Ralph Lauren by Barcelonista

Teen female:
Miss Sixty dress by NataliS

Adult female Casual:
Black and orange Outerwear: Pic 1, Page 7

Adult female Formal:
Gold dress, Pic 1
Animal print, Pic 3

Swimwear: All

Adult Female:
Designer Gowns:
Gaultier Gown by Snailhorse (gaultier_gown)
Brown Wrap Dress > TS2 Freebies
Baby Phat denim tube dress > TS2 Freebies

TT = To Test

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