Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simply Styling


Simply Styling is one of my favorite sites. It's been around for a long time, providing all kinds of quality download for the sims. It's also one of the few sites still doing new content for Sims 2, though they also have some nice looking stuff for Sims 3. Simply Styling is just an all around great site. If you haven't before, give it a look see today!

Sims 2 Downloads
Clothing: Clothing options for both genders and all ages, though the most options are for adult female. Styles are basic to trendy, for the most part. SS also has some adorable Halloween costumes for children.

Accessories: Jewelry and handbags for adult female sims, as well as funky eyeglasses and nailpolish. There are even pacifiers for your toddlers.

Hair: Recolors of some popular female hairs, and a couple for the guys as well.

Genetics: Three realistic eyesets and one page of skintones.

Lots: Trendy/ Modern residential lots.

Make-up: Tons of makeup, plush Halloween masks for kids.

Complete Sims: Male and Female Sim models.

Objects: Terrific, high-quality room sets and decor.

Build Mode: Walls and Floors, Ground Covers (found under "Walls and Floors")

Sims 3 Downloads
Clothing: Trendy fashion for adult female sims.

Hair: Hair styles for ladies, and hair colors for all.

Lots: Trendy residential lots.

Complete Sims: Many female and male sims, including a Rhianna and a Sandra Bullock.

Objects: Amazing room sets and decor.

Patterns: Loads of patterns, including soome special patterns for clothing.

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