Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Louis aka SimCribbling


Sim Cribbling Site

MTS2 page

her blog (in Korean)

Yahoo Groups (must join to access):
Group One * Group Two * Group Three

Louis/ SimCribbling/ Ren's Sims 2 creation are the stuff of legend. Her skins are gorgeous and much abused in others skintone blends. Between these sites, you can find most of her offerings, though I don't know that she's around the Sims Community much anymore.


Saturday, January 1, 2011



SimChic website - DEAD SITE

SimChic was one of those sites that seemed like it had been around since the beginning of time. They carry designer and trendy-chic clothing for sims, primarily Sims 2 but a few Sims 3 as well.

Pay downloads can be found at the booty.
Free downloads can be found at the Graveyard.

TS2 Downloads:

Clothing: Trendy clothing, mostly for Adult Sim Ladies, but there are clothing downloads available for every age/ gender combination except Male Elder. Also available are Designer "Fresh from the Runway" looks and "As Seen On" Celebrity looks and a Wedding gown collection.

Accessories: All kinds of trendy jewelry, mostly for Adult Female sims, as well as bags, nails, and hair accessories, including tiaras.

Genetics: One shiny/ realism skin tone set; one realistic eye set.

Hair (found under "Genetics"): Mostly Maxis-Match type hairs for adult male and female sims.

Makeup: All kinds of trendy looks, including artistic runway full-face looks; five eyebrow sets.

Objects: Room sets, lighting and decor.

TS3 Downloads:
Clothing: Formal and Casual outfits for Female Adult sims.