Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Downloads I Use, Part III - Bodyshop (no clothes)


January Skintone by helaene at MTS2
Louis Blends Skintones Set, by helaene, at the Graveyard
Pixie Skins, by Enayla
Pixie Warmth, by Enayla
Pixie Haunt, by Enayla
Pixie Hush, by Enayla
Pixie Dream, by Enayla
Pixie Night, by Enayla
Louis' Self-Makeup Skins, by SimCribbling
Johannes's Skin, by Unzadi at GOS

Eyes (regular):

Eyes (contact/ facemask):
Enayla's Eyes made into Contacts, by Veron at her blog.
Ephemera's Eyes as Eyemasks, by BananaMan at GOS

Victor's Brows by HP at MTS2

Pearls, Black and White, Victorian Choker Set and Small Bead Choker Set - Page 1
Antique Medallion, Coin Drop Earrings - Page 2
Turquoise Chain Set, Gold Chain Set - Page 3

Multilayerable Rings for Males and Females, Club Crimsyn, TSR Sets, Accessories, Page 4

Gothic Chokers at Pixel Dolly

Gothic Chokers by Liegen at Digital Perversion
Gothic Rings by Liegen at DP

Opal Necklace and Earrings at Liana Sims, bottom row, pic 2
Silver Chains and Chunky necklace at Liana Sims, first row, pic 2 and 3

Hoop Charm Necklace - not yet at booty

Ava's Nails, Berry Collection and Dark n Lovely Collection by-Ava- at MTS2
Natural Nails, by Ghanima at MTS2

Star Scarf, Page 1
Blue Yarn Scarf, Page 1
Rust Scarf, Skull Scarf, Shoulder Scarf - Page 2
Stripe Scarf, Black Sequin Shawl, Black Wool Scarf - Page 2

Scarves for Males, Club Crimsyn, TSR Sets, Accessories, Page 3

RealiSIM Geeky Glasses by HP, with toddler version here by sims2playerette

Misc. Accessories:
Tutus as Accessories*, by bobbythehacker at GOS
*plus several recolors by SalixTree

Cybershots shadows at Sirona Sims
At the End, glosses by Nymphy
Destiny shadows by Nymphy
Lies Rise, natural lips, by Nymphy at Nocturnal
People Like Us, lipsticks, by Nymphy at Nocturnal
Heart of Darkness, glosses, by Nymphy at Nocturnal
Teenaged Love Songs, colorful lipsticks by ZombieJill
Long Dark Lashes, eyeliners by tesslarka at MTS2
Nature Lip Set, by teru-k at MTS2
Special Effects Makeup, by SussiSoGoodSims, archived at MTS2
Gutter Baby makeup by Liegen at MTS2
Dior Blushes (marblush), by helaene, at the Graveyard

Fruity Jelli lipgloss
Super Sheer lipgloss
Kiss and Go lipstick
TT: DreamGlow eyeshadow
TT: Asian Eyes eyeshadow
TT:Volume Shock mascara
TT: Lash Definition liner
TT: Super Long lash mascara

Filthee Truly Black Eye Shadows by Lil at Irradiated Metro
Lip Sets at RenSim: Luts, Dews, and Winter Gloss

Costume Makeup/ Face Masks:
Sexy Scars for your Tough Guys, by helaene at MTS2
Freckles, by helaene, at the Graveyard
TT: Multi-Wearable Facial Scars by BloodPledge at MTS2
Multi-Wearable Face Kits, by RenSim, to give your sim's face more detail
Multiwearable Freckles by corvidophile at Sirona Sims

Facial piercings, by helaene, at the Graveyard
Piercings, by Shady at MTS2
Blackline, 10 facial piercings, by blackfairy at MTS2
Piericing sets at Club Crimson, Sims 2 > TSR Sets > Accessories, Page 1 and Page 2

Misc. BodyShop:
TT: Male Body Hair Overlays by Sarah at GOS

Facial Hair:
Barber's Cut, facial hair by Nymphy
Close Shave, "Tristao" goatees by Nymphy at GOS
Close Shave, "Anxo" by Nymphy at Nocturnal
Wispy facial hair by alkaloid at MTS2

Brown Cap, Green Cap, Red Wool Cap, Tweed Cap - Hats, Page 5
Black Leather Cap - Hats, Page 6

Literally everything at Snow White Sims, plus all Snow White's stuff at GOS.
Colorized fauxhawk at Mirkwood Sims
Black Knit Cap at All About Style
Both female hairs at Fashion Twist
Bob's Black Wig, from RENT, by shadylady at MTS2
Twist in My Sobriety, streaky hair by evanesco at GOS
Mamona, streaky MYOS recolor by evanesco at GOS
Polystyrene Hat, streaked recolors for males by imaginepageant at GOS
Everything about You, streaky recolors of Peggy's spiky male hair, by PeachT at GOS
My Mercury's in Retrograde, Raon M18 Nouked by Pooklet at GOS
Retex of Peggy's braids by evanesco at her LJ
Gaius hair for adult/ elder male by HP at MTS2
Cherub, curly hair for men of all ages, by HP atMTS2
Seraph, curly hair for females of all ages, by HP at MTS2
Andre hair*, short hair for females by Nouk, at MTS2
*plus streaky recolors by phobia at GOS
Male Hair 27* at Raon (free reg. required)
*Beanie Hat hair recolors for males at La Pink
Hair (79B) at XM Sims
Hair Flora (68) at XM Sims
Supervixen, Newsea 17f female hair by Timesynth at GOS
Huge side ponytail for teen-elder female by Nouk at MTS2
Annum Vicesimum ViVo, female hair retexture by evanesco
April and Lazy Day, retextures of Peggy hairs by evanesco
Afro Knot by Nouk at MTS2
Helena hair by Leigen at Digital Perversion
Short hair at XM Sims, Page 40, bottom
CyberBird, cute short hair by Pyxis at GOS
Sport It, short male hair by Nouk

TT = To Test

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