Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rock Chick Sims

Rock Chick Sims

Rock Chick Sims website - SITE DOWN?

Many Rock Chick downloads can be found here at MTS2.


Complete Sims: A ton of original Sims for download, including six rock star celebrities.

Accessories: TONS of jewelry - necklaces for both male and female sims, and earrings - as well as scarves and bags.

Clothing: Clothing for all ages, including some various body shapes.

Eyes: Over 50 different eye sets, some default.

Hair: Over 100 different hair recolors, some natural, some colored & streaked, both male and female.

Make-up: Lip sets, Eye Shadows, Mascaras (both natural and decorative), and Blushes.

Objects: Recolors of Maxis furniture, bedding and art.

Lots: Two small residential lots.

Walls and Floors: Many colorful choices.

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