Monday, June 1, 2009

Erininy Sims

Erininy Sims

Erininy Sims Downloads

I am listing this site as dead, since it has been many months since the site wasn't "down for maintenance." If you know anything about what happened to the site, please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks!

Erininy Sims is one of those great sites that have a little bit of everything.

Genetics: A couple of makeup sets, two hair recolor sets, and skintone sets.

Complete Sims: Many adult sims to download, both male and female.

Lots: Many residential, community lots, and apartments available. See also themes, below.

Buy Mode: Object recolors and sets for every room of your sim's home.

Build Mode: Floors and Walls, of course, but also some cypress tree recolors.

Clothing: Female Elder wear, Adult female and male wear, teen female and male looks, and boys and girls wear as well.

Themed Items: LOTR lots, manor homes, pagodas, and Victorian lots.

100% Free Site!

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