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Buy Mode Sites

This page is in the process of being updated. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

4ever Sims Fantasy: Beautiful room sets; most very modern in style; donation sets here.

Around the Sims: Complete furniture sets and single deco items; donation sets here.

CC 4 Sims: Frilly florals, cute objects and lovely recolors. (Sims 2 & 3)

Christin's Villemare: German site with Maxis recolors; site in German only, English translation here (Sims 2 & 3)

Cosas de Pilar: Gorgeous recolors, tons of decor and art; site is in Spanish with English prompts. (Sims 2 & 3)

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update/ exist, but have all or most of the CC archived

37 Sims: Furniture sets, single objects and decor; donation sets here.

Adele: Some of the most detailed high quality objects around.

Ashley Doom at Black Pearl Sims (Retired): Gorgeous furniture recolors; free forum registration required.

Aussie Topenders: Recolors for your sims furnishings.

Avalon: Beautiful objects and themed sets. (Sims 1 & 2)

Avenida Sims: Objects, decor, and lots of Maxis recolors. (Sims 1 & 2)

Babbye Sims: Shiny pretties for your sims; all kinds of objects, decor and recolors.

BetterBeSim at TSR: Wonderful objects and recolors from this retired FA, free TSR registration required.

Blood for Sims: Dark and demented items for your sims. (Sims 1 & 2)

Bluewater Village: Trendy objects and recolors.

Calalily Sims: Creative and unique objects, many themed. Tons of bedding options.

DH Sims (Dincer): Amazing stuff to pretty up your sims houses; Beware! Some objects have very high poly counts. (Sims 1 & 2)

Ella Sims: Gorgeous items and recolors, plus some of the best paintings around.

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Annex: Lots of cool objects and furniture recolors for your sims.

Assimilated Sims: lots of Maxis and other site recolors and decor.
Note:  Downloads may or may not be possible; there are serious coding issues with the website.

Casas Cosas Sims: Beautiful furnishings and recolors; Spanish site with English translation prompts.

China Fan Sims: Great site for objects with an Asian flair; site available in English and Chinese.

Christa's Boutique: Unique Maxis tree and ground cover recolors, as well as furniture recolor sets featuring lots of pink for your girly simmie sims.
Note:  Site is still there, but links are invalid.

Dee's Decor 4 Sims: German site with TONS of Maxis recolors and some unique mesh items as well.

Enchanted Forest: Recolors, themed objects and holiday sets.

Erininy Sims: Colorful furniture recolors and more.


Esse ti Sims Royale: Huge collection of Maxis recolors.

eXpresSims: Maxis and other site's recolors, including a great laundry set.

Fantastic Sims: A little bit of everything.

Fresh Prince at MTS2: Gorgeous shiny cars and trucks for your sims.

Garden Breeze: Some unique items and Maxis recolors.

Harmony Sims 2 Friends: German site with furniture and recolors.

Hula Sims: Furniture recolors.

Holy Simoly: Very high quality objects that work amazingly well with existing Maxis items; donation items here.

Illusions of Grandeur: Gorgeous art, objects, and bedding.

Imaginary: Antique looking furniture and set recolors.

JapaSims Style: Japanese-inspired decor and foods, as well as furniture recolors and creative meshes. NOTE: Download links not working ATM.

Juniper Sun: Lots of walls, lots of lots, lots of art, and a few cool objects; file planet registration required to download.

Laden Swallow: Amazing furniture recolors, including many meshes from the old Sims2Luxe site

Limmerfer: Maxis recolors and lots of cool art.

Loco Plus: While primarily a lots site, Loco Plus also has some great recolors, including a fantastic Retro Set.

loverat: High quality furniture recolors.

Mango Sims: Lovely furniture sets for your sims; site is mainly in French.

Marina Sims: Fantastic objects and recolors.

MilkaZen: Art for your sims.

Mirake at TSR: Great furniture and recolors; free registration at TSR required.

N99 Forum Paks: Maxis match items, recolors, themes and more.

Natural Sims: All kinds of objects for your sims, including themed sets and Maxis Match.

Niaolong: Tons of items to download for your sims home, including some great neon.

Ohai Dere Sims 2: Gorgeous recolors; blog format.

Openhouse for Sims: Room set recolors.

Parsimonious: Lots of objects organized by themes, many with poly count meter available.

Pink Rabbit: Object recolors.

Piggi's Sims: Tons of object recolors.

Pixel Sims: Maxis recolors.

Raon Sims: Cute objects and recolors; donation items here.

Reflex Sims: Modern objects and clutter; donation items here.

ReligioSims: Religious themed items for your sims.

Retail Sims: All sorts of objects, including neighborhood decor.

RICCI2882 at TSR: Check out all of the cute items by Ricci, free at TSR.

Rock Chick Sims: Maxis furniture, bedding and wall art recolors.

Rose Sims: Furnishings and decor with an Asian flair; site in English with Chinese prompts.

Royal Sims: Chic, furnished houses and a sofa set.

Serenity Sims: Furniture recolors and decor.

Seriously Amused Sims: Nice recolors - from both Maxis and CC creators.

SIM+plicity (aka Fairywitch's Sims): Lovely site with very cool items, including loads of Moroccan inspired objects.

SiManiac: Colorful room sets and decor; Turkish site.

SimChic: Room sets, lighting and decor; paysite with rotating freebies section .

SIMcredible! Designs 2: High quality furniture sets for all your sims rooms.

Sim e Napule: Lovely recolors of modern furniture and decor.

Sim Estates 2: Everything you need to furnish your sim's home.

SimGedoehns: Modern furniture sets; donation items here; site available in English and German.

Sim Plan X: Recolors, unique objects and themed sets; pay items here.

Simply Styling: Gorgeous objects sets and recolors.

Sims 2 Car Source: Your source for cars (and a couple helicopters too).

Sims 2 Code: Fantastic collection of room sets and single item objects for your sim's home, made by NoFrills.

Sims 2 Cri: Tons of recolors and unique meshes, many with custom animations; site available in English and Italian.

Sims 2 Heaven: Modern furniture sets.

Sims 2 Play: High quality CC for your sims home.

Sims Design Avenue (formerly Caravan Sims): Beautiful object sets sorted by theme; site available in French and English.

Sims Utopia: Bedding recolors, gorgeous art and rugs.

SimVeggie's Garden: gorgeous plants to landscape your simmie's home.

Sirona Sims: Maxis match items and themed recolors.

Sky Sims: Colorful Maxis recolors.

Sorceress and Company: Beautiful site with loads of object sets (including themed sets!) and decor for your sims.

Star Sims: Maxis recolors and themed items.

Sterling Sims Design: Dozens of elegant recolors.

Stylist Sims:  Recolors and unique items for the modern sims home.

Sugah's Place:  A forum with downloads - custom and Maxis mesh recolors, as well as art and murals.  Free forum registration required to download.

Summer Afternoon (formerly French Sims Luxery): Lovely furniture sets and recolors.

Sunair Sims: SunAir of TSR fame offers her goodies free of charge at this, her personal site; furnishings have an Asian flair; site is Flash-based and available in Chinese or English; find SunAir's TSR goodies here.

Well Dressed Sim: Tons of furniture and decor for your sims; platinum items here.

XM Sims: Unique items and recolors; site available in Chinese(?) and English.

VitaSims: Unique funiture sets and recolors; donation items here.

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