Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dead Sites

Here you will find a listing of inactive sites, and where to get their downloads, if possible. Good places to search for unavailable items include:
The Sims 2 Graveyard: Features downloads from dead sites.
The Booty: Has an inactive sites section.
Sims Cave: Has an inactive/ dead sites section in their Sharing Area, Free registration required.

Dead Sites
Limelight Sims: Cute, everyday type clothing for your adult female sims.

Mermaid Cove: Lots of items for those who like their sims to look like sims, including some interesting face masks to give your simmies character. As the site notes, items are free to file share. Items can be found at these two Yahoo! Groups: Saving the Sims 60 and Saving the Sims 61, as well as at Crazy Town.

Reflex Sims Forum: After all the drama, this site is disbanded, but has been transferred to, and is now known as Black Pearl Sims

SeraSims: Items can be found at Enchanted Forest, the graveyard, an Angelina Jolie sim at MTS2, a few sets at PMBD and Sims Cave.

Sandy's Sims 2: Makeup, eyes and eyebrows.

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