Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mirkwood Sims

MirkWood Sims

Mirkwood Sims website

A fun and unique website containing many outfits, from trendy to historical, and some really great face masks and accessories.


Casual looks for toddlers, children, teens and adults, both female and male, including tattoo "shirts" for adult males.

Formal wear, mainly for adult and teen females, but one for child females as well.

Several dance and tutu looks for females.

Trendy Seasons outerwear for adult females and teen and adult males.

Swimwear for male and female adults.

Historical Clothing:
Medieval dress for child, teen, adult and elder females and teen and adult males.

Bellydance dress for adult females.

Civil War era fashion for toddler, child, teen and adult females and adult males.

Movie Costumes from Elizabeth - the Golden Age, King Arther, Pirates of the Carribean, Marie Antoinette, Ever After, 27 Dresses, Stardust, 3 Hasselnusse fur Aschenbrodel, Star Wars - Episode II, and Shakespeare in Love.

Face Masks: Tribal facial tattoos.

Hair: Spiky, colorful looks for female and male, colorful medieval hair (see pic above).

Jewelry: Elegant chokers, regal "King Arthur" type crowns.

Eyes: Two eye sets.

Oktoberfest: German historical fashion.

LOTR: Sims and fashion from the movie.

Chronicles of Narnia: Sims and fashion from the movie.

Wedding: Bridal wear.

Far East: Traditional Oriental wear and geisha mask.

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