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Rensim website - Dead Site :(

Archive here at MediaFire, thanks to sawcat at WCIF_sims.  Head on over if you want to say thanks.

There is also an archive at the Graveyard.

Rensim is a popular Sims 2 site that had been around for years. The creator specializes in lovely defaults and high quality make-up and masks, but the site includes a little bit of everything. The site used to have donation items, but is now 100% free and file-share friendly, however, the site has not been updated since November of 2009.

Genetics: Default and regular skintone sets, including vampire and unique alien skins; Default and regular eyes.

Eyebrows: Regular and default replacement

Full Sims: Several unique looking sims

Make-up: Eyeshadows, liners, 3D lashes, blushes, and some of the best looking lipsticks out there

Face Masks: Face kits (to add detail to your sims faces), piercings, freckles and moles, a sclera set for sim eyes, and some creative decorative masks.

Clothing: Many clothing options for adult female sims, including some 1950's pin-up styles and costumey formal wear.

Accessories: Bone collar and french manicure nails

Floors and Walls

100% Free Site!

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