Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sims 2 Heaven


Sims 2 Heaven is back in action with and updated and much faster website. The site is a goldmine for objects, makeup, hair and fashions with an Asian flair. The site is free, but does have a few donation items.

Sims 2 Downloads

Clothing: Original looks, both modern and traditional Asian. Clothing is mostly for adult male and female, but there are a few kids/ teens looks as well. There is also a section for original clothing meshes.

Hair: Asian and Anime-styled hair recolors for men and women.

Makeup: Soft stylistic makeup; found under "Other"

Eyesets: Found in "Other" category

Skinsets: Found in "Other" category

Lots: Modern lots, mostly residential, but a few community as well.

Complete Sims: Beautiful Asian sims for download

Buy Mode: Modern furniture sets

Poseboxes: One with Asian-themed fan poses, one that looks designed for "boy band" poses, "sexy" poses (PG-13)

Misc. Accessories: Hair bows, hats, slippers, scarves, traditional Asian hair accessories, whiskers (yes, whiskers), eyebrows, eyes

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