Tuesday, January 13, 2009


No matter what everyone says, you love Pets. Those cute little fluffballs flopping and bopping around your lots..you can't get enough! Well, here's some more....

Premade Pets

Starrats at MTS2: An precious polar bear and red panda.

Foxxy at TS2 Creations: Download this adorable little red fox by Neptune Suzy today!

Hugo's Pets: some very, very cute cats and dogs.

Ancient Sims: A few authentic ancient cats and dogs.

Klinny at MTS2: Some very unique pets including demon spawn hound, pet dragon and one-eyed alien.

Munchies at MTS2: Adorable dogs and cats, plus some bears and a bunny.

Pets at Sirona Sims: Corvidophile has realistic and cartoony breeds, including Scrat the squirrel from Ice Age!

Pet Objects and Accessories

Pet houses at Parsimonious: 2 pet houses to match the Atomic Age style and an edit of a Maxis pet bed.

Klinny at MTS2: unique pet accessories, like wings for your cats and dogs.

Doggie Bed at Ella Sims: Stylish doggie bed and recolors(also suitable for cats, of course).

Swarovski Cat collars at Sirona Sims: A little bling for your pet! (also available for dogs, here)

asSIMilated Sims: Maxis Match recolors of the pet beds and birdcage.

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