Sunday, January 4, 2009

SC4 Hoods and Hood Decor

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update, but have all or most of the CC archived

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Bluewater Village: Empty Neighborhood terrains.

Enchanted Forest: Empty neighborhood terrains.

loverat Sims: The incredible tiny terrains series, and Tributania, a lovely complete hood.

MTS2 Neighborhoods and Empty Terrains: Tons of terrains for you to browse, plus complete hoods ready to play.

MTS2 Neighborhood Objects: Just as it says, decorative objects for your neighborhoods.

Retail Sims: Neighborhood Decor: Old buildings and some fantasy objects.

Seriously Amused Sims: Several terrains, plus "neighborhood filler" - two lots designed to be used as neighborhood decoration.

Sim e Napule: Two beach terrain sets

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