Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Imaginary (RIP)


Imaginary website: Closed Site; Watch for updates on CC links.

Imaginary has closed. See links below for ways to find their awesome creations.

Clothing: Sets for adult male and female sims, some with a a gothic vibe. Individual outfits for adult and teen, male and female - ranging from trendy, to everyday wear, to goth.

Accessories: Unique and adorable bags and purses, and two lovely earrings for females.

Hair: Recolors for males and females, including both natural colors and neon/ streaked.

Eyes: One mystical eyeset.

Skins: One gorgeous old-fashioned skin set.

Makeup: One gothy gloss.

Buy Mode: Beautiful antique furniture sets, and two wall coverings.

Build Mode: Wall Sets.

All of the above can be found at The Graveyard.

Themes: Wicked Nouk Family Aspiration sets contributed by Imaginary. Themes include Goth, Free For All (worn table, Adele recolor), Pin-up, Kids Stuff, Valentines, and Guys Stuff.

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