Thursday, January 8, 2009

Story/ Movie/ Photo Special Effects

Body Shop

Nouk's Beat Up Face Masks: Scratched up, bloody nose, plus three stages: beat up, healing, and healed.

Various Face Masks: Running mascara, bloody face, and black-and-blue face sets at Cheeky Sims.

Cracked and Sore Lips: by Louis at Sim Cribbling, but currently hosted at Louis's Yahoo Group; free membership required.

Under Eye Bags: for your sick, aging or tired sims, by Corvidophile at Sirona Sims, eyeliner based and layerable.

Nouk's Beat Up Clothing Set: two versions: beat up/ torn and clean; for males and females, adult and teen.

Build Mode
Bloody Walls at Class Sims.

Site Down ATM:
Scene of the Crime: Various blood spatter masks at Emo Sims.

Running Mascara: one of the more realistic ones, by ShoJoAngel at MTS2.

Strangulation Skintone: For your sims who've had a nasty run in, by AmeSabashi at MTS2.

Sexy Scars: for your tough guy sims, by Helaene at MTS2.

Scarred Skintone: For your battered and/ or cutter sims, at Emo Sims.

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