Tuesday, February 23, 2010




Rensim website - Dead Site :(

Archive here at MediaFire, thanks to sawcat at WCIF_sims.  Head on over if you want to say thanks.

There is also an archive at the Graveyard.

Rensim is a popular Sims 2 site that had been around for years. The creator specializes in lovely defaults and high quality make-up and masks, but the site includes a little bit of everything. The site used to have donation items, but is now 100% free and file-share friendly, however, the site has not been updated since November of 2009.

Genetics: Default and regular skintone sets, including vampire and unique alien skins; Default and regular eyes.

Eyebrows: Regular and default replacement

Full Sims: Several unique looking sims

Make-up: Eyeshadows, liners, 3D lashes, blushes, and some of the best looking lipsticks out there

Face Masks: Face kits (to add detail to your sims faces), piercings, freckles and moles, a sclera set for sim eyes, and some creative decorative masks.

Clothing: Many clothing options for adult female sims, including some 1950's pin-up styles and costumey formal wear.

Accessories: Bone collar and french manicure nails

Floors and Walls

100% Free Site!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Raon Sims

Raon Sims

Raon Sims website

Raon Sims is known for their amazing hair meshes for both male and female sims. Recolors and retextures can be found all over the Sims Community. Free registration is required to download free items. Raon Sims is a paysite, for donation items go here.

Hair: Fantastic hair for male and female sims. Beware, though, some of the hairs are very high poly and can slow down your game. This LJ community has more information of hair poly counts.

Make-up: Lots of make-up sets for female sims.

Clothing: Two clothing sets for females.

Accessories: Some jewelry, a pair of Shrek horns, an MP3 player and a pair of sunglasses.

Objects: Many objects, most found in room sets, with primarily a modern vibe.

Themes: One theme object set: Movie theater objects.

Walls & Floors also available.

Cool Sims

Cool Sims

Cool Sims website

Cool Sims is a site that has been around awhile, but that I've only recently discovered. It is known for it's amazing original hair meshes, which you can find recolored all over the Sims Community. If you've never been there, and are addicted to custom Sims hair, like me, you must check it out!

Hair: Of course! Amazing hair for male and female sims, colors are mostly natural hues, but some more unnatural varieties can be found at Garden of Shadows.
Eyes: One non-default eyeset.

Clothes: Four clothing recolors for adult female Sims, including Rhianna's bondage-type outfit.

Make-up: Three lipstick sets.

Objects: One modern office chair and lamp.

100% Free Site!