Thursday, June 25, 2009

Modish Kitten

Sims 2

Modish Kitten website

Modish Kitten is a hip website with fashion and accessories for your sims. It hasn't been updated since last year, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Clothing: Trendy fashions for Y/Adult female and male, including unique swim, PJ and workout options for the ladies. Cute teen wear for females as well.

Accessories: Headphones for your DJ sims, and arm warmers.

Themes: ES.PI.O.NAGE - spy wear collections, and Sugar Coated - candy themed bikinis.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24th 2009

Hi all! I know I've been updating with only random links and no pics or info -- I will fix it soon, I promise. ;)

I've been busy with other Sims stuff lately, namely, redownloading all my CC and listing it and re-doing my ancient legacy, Cursed. Also, I've been practicing eating with chopsticks, because, well, I like eating with chopsticks. I have a feeling I will be uber busy here shortly with all the Sims 2 sites that are closing now that the Sims 3 mania has begun. (boooo!) Anyway, please bear with me...recently added links will be updated with pics and descriptions soon.



Sims 2,Custom Content

Trashcore website

SITE ISSUE: Pictures not displaying; 01/01/10

Trashcore is a new find for me; a super-cute site with just a few goodies...but oh, are those goodies worth a visit!

Clothing: Unique, edgy outfits for teen and adult females.

Accessories: Very unique necklaces and earrings.

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Maxis Match, like, everything

Maxis Match 1

Maxis Match 2

WCIF LJ community, Maxis Match Finds

The WCIF community at LJ has a huge collection of Maxis Match finds, this saving me the trouble of having to find them all! Here they are, in one location for you. Some of the items are from paysites, but booty links are provided.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunni Sims

Sunni Sims

Sunni Sims website

Objects: Lots of lovely furniture recolors, decor recolors, and unique meshes.

Lots: A wide variety of residential houses.

Build Mode: Maxis fence recolors, and Maxis-match windows

Landscaping: Outdoor flowers

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Noukie Sims (RIP)

Nouk Andre Hair

Noukie made amazing clothing and hair creations for the sims.

sare_sare at MTS2

Sims Cave: All of Nouk's creations hosted here, free reg. required.

Aspiration Set archives

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mirkwood Sims

MirkWood Sims

Mirkwood Sims website

A fun and unique website containing many outfits, from trendy to historical, and some really great face masks and accessories.


Casual looks for toddlers, children, teens and adults, both female and male, including tattoo "shirts" for adult males.

Formal wear, mainly for adult and teen females, but one for child females as well.

Several dance and tutu looks for females.

Trendy Seasons outerwear for adult females and teen and adult males.

Swimwear for male and female adults.

Historical Clothing:
Medieval dress for child, teen, adult and elder females and teen and adult males.

Bellydance dress for adult females.

Civil War era fashion for toddler, child, teen and adult females and adult males.

Movie Costumes from Elizabeth - the Golden Age, King Arther, Pirates of the Carribean, Marie Antoinette, Ever After, 27 Dresses, Stardust, 3 Hasselnusse fur Aschenbrodel, Star Wars - Episode II, and Shakespeare in Love.

Face Masks: Tribal facial tattoos.

Hair: Spiky, colorful looks for female and male, colorful medieval hair (see pic above).

Jewelry: Elegant chokers, regal "King Arthur" type crowns.

Eyes: Two eye sets.

Oktoberfest: German historical fashion.

LOTR: Sims and fashion from the movie.

Chronicles of Narnia: Sims and fashion from the movie.

Wedding: Bridal wear.

Far East: Traditional Oriental wear and geisha mask.

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MilkaZen website - SITE DEAD

Three girls and a guy, living in France, making gorgeous CC together. Sound like a sitcom? Nope, it's MilkaZen, a great site filled with all kinds of Sims goodies. Site available in French and English.

Milkazen has not been updated since 2007, but their creations are still available on the site.

Clothing: Trendy options for all ages and both genders.

Jewelry: Big, glorious, fabulous earrings.

Other accessories: Cute, trendy purses.

Face Masks: Freckles and beauty marks.

Hair: A few hair recolors for females.

Complete Sims: Five female sims for download, and the Sex in the City cast (under "Sets"), as well as several other celebs ("People" set).

Buy Mode: Art: Derain, swimming posters and looney tunes.

Themes: Under "Sets": Blonde (animal prints), The Rolling Stones, the 60's, haute couture ("Fashion Victim" set), Laure Manadou, Butterflies, As Seen On... ("People" set).

Build Mode: A few walls in some of the sets.

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Limmerfer website:  DEAD SITE

If you have any Limmerfer files, you can submit them over at the Sims Graveyard.

Limmerfer's is a little known site filled with all kinds of gems.


Clothing: For adult female: everyday outfits and separates, and formals. She also has outfits for female toddlers and children, as well as some sleepwear for female teens.

Historical Clothing: Elegant dresses for adult females of the Civil War and Elizabethan eras.

Makeup: Lip and eye colors, and lashes.

Jewelry: Lots of pendant necklaces, and one set of earrings.

Genetics: Tons of eye sets.

Buy Mode: Maxis recolors, including bedding. She also had tons of art that hasn't made it back yet from her computer crash. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Build Mode: Ground covers, pool sets, and wall/ floor sets.

Some of Limmerfer's older CC items are stored at her Yahoo Groups site, limmerfersims2.  Free registration is required.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

La Pink (RIP)

La Pink

La Pink was Iced Mango's site, filled to the brim with yummy make-up and other goodies for your sim. This site is worth a visit just for the happiness brought on by its sea of bright colors, not to mention the amazing CC.

Her downloads are archived at The Sims Graveyard, here, and her MTS2 CC is still available at her profile, linked below.

LA Pink site:

Makeup: A bevy of trendy looks: Eyeshadows, Lipsticks and glosses, blushes, mascara.

Misc: Nails and Brows also found under makeup.

Face Masks: Unique facemasks that really are face masks -- as in the beauty kind.

Eyes: Beautiful, realistic looking eyes.

Hair: Trendy female and male hair recolors.

Accessories: Eight sunglasses sets, hoop earrings, 3D eyelashes, and Indian/ Oriental jewelry sets.

Older stuff found under Clearance Sale.

Iced Mango's MTS2 page:

Complete Sims: A variety of beautiful sims to download.

Makeup: More eyeshadow, glossies, mascara and blushes.

Misc Makeup and Facemasks: Crossed eyes for your goofy sims, lateral looking eyes, and natural lashes.

Hair: Nine female hair recolors.

Eyes: More gorgeous eyesets.

Accessories: Two sunglasses sets, one regular glasses set, two earrings, a winter accessories set and a big, floppy summer hat.

Imaginary (RIP)


Imaginary website: Closed Site; Watch for updates on CC links.

Imaginary has closed. See links below for ways to find their awesome creations.

Clothing: Sets for adult male and female sims, some with a a gothic vibe. Individual outfits for adult and teen, male and female - ranging from trendy, to everyday wear, to goth.

Accessories: Unique and adorable bags and purses, and two lovely earrings for females.

Hair: Recolors for males and females, including both natural colors and neon/ streaked.

Eyes: One mystical eyeset.

Skins: One gorgeous old-fashioned skin set.

Makeup: One gothy gloss.

Buy Mode: Beautiful antique furniture sets, and two wall coverings.

Build Mode: Wall Sets.

All of the above can be found at The Graveyard.

Themes: Wicked Nouk Family Aspiration sets contributed by Imaginary. Themes include Goth, Free For All (worn table, Adele recolor), Pin-up, Kids Stuff, Valentines, and Guys Stuff.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Helga Sims (RIP)

Helga (RIP)

Helga Sims was a lovely site with great hair. Here is where I will be posting links to her archived goodies as they become available.

All of the Helga hairs in one thread at Black Pearl Sims (free registration required).

Black Pearl now has many of Helga's clothing and object sets as well.

Many hairs available at the Sims 2 Graveyard.

Helga's "Gretta Kitchen" at PMBD.

Some Helga hairs at Just Sims 2.

Lots of Helga hairs and furniture sets, including some of her Victorian Era stuff in this thread at Sims Cave.*

Helga's Hair 94 v. 2 at Sims Cave.*

Helga's Opium and Palace Living Sets, also at Sims Cave.*

And lots more Helga stuff under "helga" search at Sims Cave.*

*Downloading Sims Cave files requires a free membership to their site. It is a File-Share Friendly site; do not go there if you don't believe in file sharing.


sims 2

Helaene website:  Helaene's website is gone, another victim of the insipid trolls that haunt our brilliant creators.  You can still visit her site to wish her well and download her Sims 3 creations in one big zip.

Older CC can still be found at Helaene's MTS2 page and Sims 2 Graveyard.

Files not at Graveyard/ MTS2:
(Free registration is required to download from Sims Cave).
Some eyesets are available at Sims Cave
Eyesets & brows at Sims Cave

New Stuff:
Genetics: Gorgeously realistic brows and eyes.

Clothing: Lovely clothing options for all ages and both genders.

Old Stuff:
Genetics: More brows and eyes, gorgeous skintones, sexy scars.

Clothing: Many trendy outfits for your sims.

Hair: Natural hair recolors.

Makeup: Pretty glosses and other trendy looks.

Buy Mode: Posters, wall hangins, beddings, a chair and pet bed recolors.

Complete Sims: Three on MTS2, including two Harry Potter characters; more at Sims 2 Graveyard, including Scarlett Johanssen and Andriana Lima.

Mods: Face template replacement set.

100% Free Site!



GenenSims website

Want to make a sim that looks like a cat? Wondering where everyone's getting those cool animal ear accessories? Well, this is the place. GenenSims is a long-time Sims 2 site, filled with amazing and unique goodies. Their specialty is genentic sets, thus the name.


Eyes: Many, many options, including default replacements for human and alien sims, and of course, cat eyes.

Skins: Default replacements for human and alien sims, including defaults for those who want cat sims or gothic sims. A HUGE selection of realistic and completely unusual skintones for your sims, including cat, alien, lizard, and just plain bizarre.

Hair: Realistic hair color do's, plus neon and streaked recolors. Many unique mohawk hairdo's as well.

Clothing: A few outfits for female adults and one for male adults.

Makeup: Lots of standard make-up options, many facial hair designs, plus the face masks needed to complete your animal-sim looks.

Accessories: This is where it gets interesting. All kinds of wearable ears (cat, dog, rabbit) in many color options; many tail options (fox, cat, short, fluffy, bunny).

100% Free Site!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

eXpress Sims

eXpress Sims

eXpress Sims site

Dead Site - files can be found at the Graveyard.

eXpress Sims is a great site, filled with everyday wear for females of all ages, as well as unique goodies with a South African flair.


Clothing: Many options for adult females, including traditional African dress and maternity options (with Squinge mod). She even has a section of clothing for the Momma Lisa plus size mesh from Franny Sims. You'll also find outfits for female teens, children and tots.

Face Masks: Traditional African face paint for all ages and genders.

Accessories: Cute earrings and purses.

Buy Mode: Fantastic recolors of furniture and outdoor sets.

Lots: Several residential lots with the theme "Simple Lane," as well as some cute community lots.

Misc: eXpress is part of the Wicked Nouk family, and so has archived all of their WNF aspiration reward contributions; click the "Aspiration Rewards" tab.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Erininy Sims

Erininy Sims

Erininy Sims Downloads

I am listing this site as dead, since it has been many months since the site wasn't "down for maintenance." If you know anything about what happened to the site, please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks!

Erininy Sims is one of those great sites that have a little bit of everything.

Genetics: A couple of makeup sets, two hair recolor sets, and skintone sets.

Complete Sims: Many adult sims to download, both male and female.

Lots: Many residential, community lots, and apartments available. See also themes, below.

Buy Mode: Object recolors and sets for every room of your sim's home.

Build Mode: Floors and Walls, of course, but also some cypress tree recolors.

Clothing: Female Elder wear, Adult female and male wear, teen female and male looks, and boys and girls wear as well.

Themed Items: LOTR lots, manor homes, pagodas, and Victorian lots.

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