Friday, February 27, 2009

Club Crimsyn


Club Crimsyn website

Club Crimsyn is a gorgeous website by creators Aikea Guinea and Geldyh. They have the most amazing clothing and objects, including free versions of their old TSR sets. The downloads are all of the highest quality...richly colored grunge and gothic gems for your game!

NOTE:  The Sims 2 content is no longer hosted on the Club Crimsyn website, but there is a handy link from the homepage that will take to the site where it is archived, Garden of Shadows.

Sims 2 Downloads:
Clothing: Clothing options for adult men and women (some are also categorized for YA); clothing styles are dark, gothic, grungy and otherwise alternative looks for your sims; also teen and child clothing available under TSR Sets; four fabulous costumes available under TSR Sets > Themed Sets.

Accessories: Two necklaces; one male, one female; tons more necklaces, bracelets, layerable piercings, layerable rings (for men and women!), and scarves available under TSR Sets.

Hair: One dreadlock look; more alternative hair available under TSR Sets.

Objects: TONS of great decorative objects, perfect for cluttering up a home; more available in TSR Sets.

Build Mode: Grungy-licious walls and floors; more under TSR Sets.

Make-up: Gorgeous lipsticks, contacts and amazing costume makeup; all found under TSR Sets.


Sims 3 Downloads:
High quality, uber-creative CC including patterns, clothing, accessories, skintones, sims...basically if it can be created for Sims 3 it is probably at Club Crimsyn!

100% Free Site!

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