Monday, March 9, 2009

Sci Fi Finds

DOME military jumpsuits by jazcmx at InSIM: Sci-fi style military jumpsuits for adults, male and female.

Alien theme at Parsimonious: Lots of brightly colored clothing for your out-of-this-world sims.

Astrology theme at Parsimonious: Maybe your sci-fi sims live in a world filled with sparkles and moonbeams. Here's where to find their clothes.

Sci-Fi theme at Parsimonious: Can you say space suits? Yay!

Industrial theme at Parsimonious: Metal wear for your sims.

Steampunk Robot Skins by sherahbim ah MTS2

Sci Fi Build set by pixelhate at MTS2 is a must have, plus the SF Build Set: The Next Gen, and sci fi windows and doors set. Actually just check out everything pixelhate does!

Tricorders and Phasers by jasonduskey at MTS2: Holdable weapons and sci fi resources.

Kickmolding and Crowns by Marylou and Numenor, for decorating those empty hallways.

Recolorable Full Poster Wall Overlay by, guess who? We love pixelhate.

Enchanted Forest Eyes: (in face masks) Purple and Yellow, Grey, Yellow

Buyable Servo by Monique at MTS2.

Embossed Windows by stonetower at MTS2: Sets 1 & 2, Set 3 and Sets 4 & 5

SimAddict's Chrome and Light: pics at TSR, downloads at the booty under chrome-..

Future float sets by solfal: downloads and pics at the booty under float- and future-..

Metal grid floor tiles by cyclonesue: pic and download at the booty under steel truss floors.

Biosphere Lots by Tiko: pics at TSR, downloads at the booty under biosphere-..

Everything by xanathon at MTS2.

Illuminations - Transformable Shelf with Light by Numenor at MTS2.

Nouk's hair works well for sci fi adventures, for some reason. here she is at MTS2 and here she is at her own site. Then, for some colorful Nouk recolors, go check out Nymphy's site Nocturnal.

Other Lists
Sims 2 Wiki Sci Fi List: Really, a lot of links.

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