Tuesday, June 9, 2009


sims 2

Helaene website:  Helaene's website is gone, another victim of the insipid trolls that haunt our brilliant creators.  You can still visit her site to wish her well and download her Sims 3 creations in one big zip.

Older CC can still be found at Helaene's MTS2 page and Sims 2 Graveyard.

Files not at Graveyard/ MTS2:
(Free registration is required to download from Sims Cave).
Some eyesets are available at Sims Cave
Eyesets & brows at Sims Cave

New Stuff:
Genetics: Gorgeously realistic brows and eyes.

Clothing: Lovely clothing options for all ages and both genders.

Old Stuff:
Genetics: More brows and eyes, gorgeous skintones, sexy scars.

Clothing: Many trendy outfits for your sims.

Hair: Natural hair recolors.

Makeup: Pretty glosses and other trendy looks.

Buy Mode: Posters, wall hangins, beddings, a chair and pet bed recolors.

Complete Sims: Three on MTS2, including two Harry Potter characters; more at Sims 2 Graveyard, including Scarlett Johanssen and Andriana Lima.

Mods: Face template replacement set.

100% Free Site!

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