Saturday, January 3, 2009

Residential and Community Lots

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Active Sites - These are the sites that are still up and running, and posting new creations for you to enjoy!

Archived Creators: Sites that no longer update, but have all or most of the CC archived

DEAD SITES - No Archives Available (YET!)

Bei Hugo: from cute bungalows to spacious resorts...this site even has a couple of hobbit holes! Site in German; English translation by Google here.

Bluewater Village: Modern houses for your sims, both furnished and not, as well as several community lots and one vacation lot.

Calalily Sims: A large selection of furnished residential and community lots.

Curvalicious Sims: Quaint residential lots.

Dee's Decor 4 Sims: A variety of charming homes and community lots.

Enchanted Forest: Residential, community, UNI and OFB lots.

Erininy Sims: Super-cute houses and community lots.

eXpress Sims: Cute and simple homes and community lots.

Formule 1 Sims 2: Residential lots, apartments and community lots for your Sims; site in French.

Garden Breeze: Several cute residential lots and apartments, including one great grungy apartment lot.

Harmony Sims: Homes, specialty lots and neighborhoods; site in German.

HULA Sims: Beautiful, beautiful homes.

Loco Plus: Lots of lots - all types of styles and sizes, including apartments and community lots.

Loverat: Residential lots, both furnished and not, and bunches of community lots.

Mango Sims:  Residential lots for your sims home.

Mirake: An adorable cottage and fisherman's house; free at TSR; free registration required.

Modern Sims Design: Amazing modern homes for your sims; blog format.

Mony Sims: One modern residential lot.

My Sims: A wide variety of residential, community and specialty lots to choose from.

Os Sims Tugas: Portugese site with residential and community lots; site in Portugese; English translation by Google here.

Parsimonious: All kinds of housing and community downloads, with options for various EP's.

Retail Sims: Pre-loaded OFB business lots filled with unique items.

Rock Chick Sims: Two small residential lots.

RoseSims: Asian-themed residential lots.

Seriously Amused Sims: Residential and Community Lots, including dorm and vacation specialty lots.

Simcerely: Tons of residential lots, mostly furnished, as well as a few unique community lots.

Sim e Napule: Modern residential lots for Sims 2 and 3.

Simply Styling: Trendy, modern residential lots for Sims 2 and 3.

Sims 2 Cri: Mostly modern residential, but a bit of everything here; Site available in English and Italian; for Sims 2 and 3.

Sims 2 Heaven: Modern lots, mostly residential, but some community as well.

Sims 2 Houses: loads of houses in all different styles.

Sims 2 Inlimite: Several residential and community lots.

SiManiac: A variety of lots; Turkish site.

Sirona Sims: Fantastic furnished homes, beach lots and apartments from Corvidophile.

Sorceress and Company: Lovely lots by Bluetexasbonnie and the Sorceress.

Tribecca Sims 2: Tons of modern houses.

WildAlpiin Sims: A wide variety of residential and community lot, including apartments for folks with or without AL; site in German; English traslation here.


  1. Hey, just thought I could you in the direction of She builds some awesome house from the ground up plus she also takes requests! Just a thought! This blog is great btw!

  2. Very cute site your friend has, Phoenix. Thanks for the link!

  3. Not a problem! Thanks for putting this site together! I know I'm going to be over here A LOT! I was yesterday!:P I'm sure everyone appreciates it! I do!

  4. I'd like to offer Sunni Designs @ for free lot downloads.