Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Retail Sims


Retail Sims website

Retail Sims has such an eclectic collection of sets and items I had a tough time deciding which picture to post. The main attraction of the site is the many Open-for-Business Ready sets - buildings and items to start any number of businesses. They also feature a number of pre-OFB business sets for those without the EP. And then there's the movie props, 'hood deco, foods, holiday sets...the list goes on and on!

Buy Mode: Business sets, both OFB and pre-OFB; Valentine's, Christmas and Halloween sets;many Spring themed items as part of a community project; Urban items; Alien world/ Fantasy plants for landscaping; Unique movie set props; Edible foods; Unique sign meshes and recolors

Neighborhood Items: Decor for your hood.

Build Mode: Walls and Floors

Lots: Many community lots pre-loaded with unique business items.

Special: Retail Sims Forum, where you can find recolors of many Retail Sims sets; registration not required to view posts.

Featured Items:
Sports Galore Set: Decorative items for your sports fans!

*It seems to me this site used to have some pay/ donation items. However, I can't seem to find that to be true, and the booty isn't loading for me to check, so until I prove otherwise, I'm listing this site as 100% Free!*

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