Monday, February 15, 2010

Cool Sims

Cool Sims

Cool Sims website

Cool Sims is a site that has been around awhile, but that I've only recently discovered. It is known for it's amazing original hair meshes, which you can find recolored all over the Sims Community. If you've never been there, and are addicted to custom Sims hair, like me, you must check it out!

Hair: Of course! Amazing hair for male and female sims, colors are mostly natural hues, but some more unnatural varieties can be found at Garden of Shadows.
Eyes: One non-default eyeset.

Clothes: Four clothing recolors for adult female Sims, including Rhianna's bondage-type outfit.

Make-up: Three lipstick sets.

Objects: One modern office chair and lamp.

100% Free Site!

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