Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bluewater Village

Bluewater Village

Bluewater Village website - DEAD SITE

Bluewater Village is a great site with several different creators bringing you a little bit of everything sims.

Bluewater Village seems to be gone. Several of the creator's downloads can be found at MTS2:

Color Sets available at Sims Cave (free registration required)

If anyone has any other info about this site or any of the creators on it, please leave me a note!

Build Mode: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints.

Buy Mode: All kinds of trendy home furnishings and decor.

Clothing: Oh-so-cute fashions for toddlers and kids, trendy looks for teens and adults, and a few stylish picks for elders. Both male and female fashions available.

Complete Sims: Gorgeous females and hunky males available for download.

Genetics: A large selection of eyes, two skintones, and a few cool female hairs.

Jewelry and More: Amazing earrings, some goth necklaces for males and females, trendy purses and a beanie hat.

Make-up: Some trendy make up for your ladies.

Lots: Residential lots, both furnished and not, Community lots and one gorgeous Vacation lot. Lots tend to be modern in style.

Special: Empty neighborhoods, available under "other."

100% Free Site!

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