Saturday, May 14, 2011

Help Parsimonious!

Parsimonious, that inspiringly unique website that's been around forever needs our help.

Just go here to their website, and click the link to take a simple survey. I just did it and it took less than two minutes of my time. Help out this wonderful free site!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sims 2 Heaven


Sims 2 Heaven is back in action with and updated and much faster website. The site is a goldmine for objects, makeup, hair and fashions with an Asian flair. The site is free, but does have a few donation items.

Sims 2 Downloads

Clothing: Original looks, both modern and traditional Asian. Clothing is mostly for adult male and female, but there are a few kids/ teens looks as well. There is also a section for original clothing meshes.

Hair: Asian and Anime-styled hair recolors for men and women.

Makeup: Soft stylistic makeup; found under "Other"

Eyesets: Found in "Other" category

Skinsets: Found in "Other" category

Lots: Modern lots, mostly residential, but a few community as well.

Complete Sims: Beautiful Asian sims for download

Buy Mode: Modern furniture sets

Poseboxes: One with Asian-themed fan poses, one that looks designed for "boy band" poses, "sexy" poses (PG-13)

Misc. Accessories: Hair bows, hats, slippers, scarves, traditional Asian hair accessories, whiskers (yes, whiskers), eyebrows, eyes

Friday, February 11, 2011

Adele's Site Down

According to SimSecret this week, Adele's site was hacked and infected. It will be re-opened somewhere new, hopefully soon! Best of luck to Adele on a speedy transfer!

 Here is a site mirror I found for Adele's old site.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sims 2 Cri & Sims 3 Cri


Sims 2 Cri is an extensive site with downloads, forums and contests. The site is in Italian and English and hosts downloads for both Sims 2 and 3.

Sims 2 Downloads
Clothing: Clothing is trendy and haute couture, with themes including a Playboy swim/ lingerie collection, wedding dresses, maternity wear, traditional Oriental looks, and others.

Whole Sims: Tons of gorgeous male and female sim models, sims of the Sims2Cri staff, and celebrities, including the Gilmore girls and two Twilight characters.

Hair: Hair recolors, mostly for female sims.

Accessories: Eyeglasses, scarves, jewelry, handbags and pacifiers.

Build Mode: Columns and Half-walls, Wall and Floor sets.

Lots: All kinds of lots: Residential, Community, Lodging, Dorms, and Apartments.

Buy Mode: Room and object recolors of all types.

Genetics: Two skin sets and three eyesets.

Makeup: Basic trendy makeup, plus four facemasks - beautymarks and a beauty routine set (upper lip wax, anyone?)

Pets: Cats and Dogs, plus some pet stuff recolors

Sims 3 Downloads
Accessories: Female leggings

Whole Sims: Fergie, Avril Lavigne, Myley Cyrus

Clothing: Mostly for adult females, but a few for teens and male adults/ teens as well.

Lots: Mostly trendy residential, but a few community and apartment lots as well.

Makeup: Eyeshadows

Neighborhoods: Two available

Patterns: Hundreds to choose from

Objects: Sets and single items

Misc: Icon packs, Shoes and Tattoos

Mods available

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simply Styling


Simply Styling is one of my favorite sites. It's been around for a long time, providing all kinds of quality download for the sims. It's also one of the few sites still doing new content for Sims 2, though they also have some nice looking stuff for Sims 3. Simply Styling is just an all around great site. If you haven't before, give it a look see today!

Sims 2 Downloads
Clothing: Clothing options for both genders and all ages, though the most options are for adult female. Styles are basic to trendy, for the most part. SS also has some adorable Halloween costumes for children.

Accessories: Jewelry and handbags for adult female sims, as well as funky eyeglasses and nailpolish. There are even pacifiers for your toddlers.

Hair: Recolors of some popular female hairs, and a couple for the guys as well.

Genetics: Three realistic eyesets and one page of skintones.

Lots: Trendy/ Modern residential lots.

Make-up: Tons of makeup, plush Halloween masks for kids.

Complete Sims: Male and Female Sim models.

Objects: Terrific, high-quality room sets and decor.

Build Mode: Walls and Floors, Ground Covers (found under "Walls and Floors")

Sims 3 Downloads
Clothing: Trendy fashion for adult female sims.

Hair: Hair styles for ladies, and hair colors for all.

Lots: Trendy residential lots.

Complete Sims: Many female and male sims, including a Rhianna and a Sandra Bullock.

Objects: Amazing room sets and decor.

Patterns: Loads of patterns, including soome special patterns for clothing.

Sim e Napule


Sim e Napule is a popular site with loads of modern downloads for your Sims.

Sims 2 Downloads:
Clothing: High fashion looks, mostly for adult female sims, but also a few outfits for teen females and adult males. Site also has several "As Seen On..." looks and clothing meshes.

Objects: Modern furniture sets for your high fashion sim.

Eye sets: A number of eye sets, designs based on European nationalities.

Build Mode: Wall and floor sets, fence sets (including glass block "walls"), and two beach terrain sets

Accessories: High glamour necklaces and earrings, and designer handbags

Lots: A few residential lots

Complete Sims: Seven adult female sims

Sims 3 Downloads:
Clothing: High fashion looks for adult female sims, including an "As Seen On" section and clothing meshes

Objects: Modern furniture sets

Make-up: One lipstick set

Eyes: Four eye sets

Pattern: Dozens of trendy patterns to choose from

Lots: Three modern homes

Complete Sims: Four adult sims

Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Louis aka SimCribbling


Sim Cribbling Site

MTS2 page

her blog (in Korean)

Yahoo Groups (must join to access):
Group One * Group Two * Group Three

Louis/ SimCribbling/ Ren's Sims 2 creation are the stuff of legend. Her skins are gorgeous and much abused in others skintone blends. Between these sites, you can find most of her offerings, though I don't know that she's around the Sims Community much anymore.


Saturday, January 1, 2011



SimChic website - DEAD SITE

SimChic was one of those sites that seemed like it had been around since the beginning of time. They carry designer and trendy-chic clothing for sims, primarily Sims 2 but a few Sims 3 as well.

Pay downloads can be found at the booty.
Free downloads can be found at the Graveyard.

TS2 Downloads:

Clothing: Trendy clothing, mostly for Adult Sim Ladies, but there are clothing downloads available for every age/ gender combination except Male Elder. Also available are Designer "Fresh from the Runway" looks and "As Seen On" Celebrity looks and a Wedding gown collection.

Accessories: All kinds of trendy jewelry, mostly for Adult Female sims, as well as bags, nails, and hair accessories, including tiaras.

Genetics: One shiny/ realism skin tone set; one realistic eye set.

Hair (found under "Genetics"): Mostly Maxis-Match type hairs for adult male and female sims.

Makeup: All kinds of trendy looks, including artistic runway full-face looks; five eyebrow sets.

Objects: Room sets, lighting and decor.

TS3 Downloads:
Clothing: Formal and Casual outfits for Female Adult sims.