Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Downloads I Use, Part VI - Build Mode & Lots


Mysterons at Club Crimsyn, under walls/ floors.
Damask Grunge, at Club Crimsyn, under TSR Sets, Walls/ Floors.
Distressed Siding, at Club Crimsyn, under TSR Sets, Walls/ Floors.
Walls from Peach Forum, available at Sims Cave
Distressed Walls from Peach, available at GOS.
One Room Vacation, painted brick walls by nixy at Elegant Decay
Wallpapers at Sims in Paris, Pages 1, 2 and 3
Tragic Mansions Set by nixy at GOS
Dreamer, wall set by Matilda at GOS
Confide In, Damask Walls by nixy at GOS
Despondency, Five walls by Innominato at GOS
I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself, wallset by evanesco at GOS

Ruined Carpet, at Club Crimsyn, under TSR Sets, Walls/ Floors.
wood floors from Peach Forum, available at Sims Cave.
Wood Floors at Sims in Paris
Polished Floorboards in black, white, blue and green at Holy Simoly
Shifting Doors, 27 grungy floors from Half Life 2 by fiddledeedee at GOS
Floor Stains, grungy floor overlays by lalabus at GOS

Windows/ Doors
The Breeze*, open windows and door set, by Olemantiker at beos' blog
*Breeze Recolors by ANNA at Black Pearl Sims (free reg. required)
Maxis Recolors at Piggi Sims

Misc Build Mode
Invisible Driveway by roddyaleixo at MTS2
Wall Rim*, Decorative cover for the ugly edges, at 4esf
Wall Rim recolors by renate; leave me a comment if you want and I will share
Grungy & Worn Garage Doors by anomiko at Black Pearl Sims (note mesh needed)\
Demolition Set by guatla at MTS2

The Spring Cottage, plus objects, by corvidophile at Sirona Sims

TT = To Test

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