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Tools, Hacks and Mods

This page has not been updated in ages. I apologize for any dead links & I am working on the problem!

Before you begin...
Remember that many of these tools, mods and hacks do not operate as simply as say, a clothing download. Many of these will modify your existing game (mods) or change the existing game to do things in a whole different way (hacks). I can't guarantee these downloads will not blow up your game! Do not download hacks and mods with the kind of wild abandon you do with other downloads. Hacks and mods often conflict with other hacks and mods and the whole thing has to be approached with a modecom of decorum. Even if you don't make it a habit to keep your downloads folder organized, you should do so with mods and hacks by putting them into a special subfolder. Don't add more than a few at a time without playing your game to test drive each new addition. This way, if your game does get borked, you can easily quit the game without saving, take out your shiny new mods and try your game again. Make sure you read the information available. Yes, all of it. Maybe even twice. Plus, if you are downloading from a site like MTS2 that has a comments section, read those as well. They are a treasure trove of useful information regarding conflicts, updates and add-ons. Finally, if you use more than a few hacks and mods, I highly recommend downloading the Hack Conflict Utility tool at Paladin's Place, which is listed below. Now, on to the links...Happy Hacking!

Decorgal Designs: Sim posing hacks; great for picture taking.

Game Mods at MTS2: Tons of stuff; free MTS2 registration required to download.

Simological: All sorts of creative and useful ways to modify your game.

Paladin's Place: a.k.a. Simwardrobe; fixes, hacks and mods.

Simbology: The new location of all 2jeffs hacks, including ACR.

SimSky: the home of Dave Luv's programs and hacks, including See Them 2.

Squinge's Mods: Here's where you can find Squinge's mods, including Pregnant Wear Anything.

Sims 2 Clean Pack Installer: Gives you more control over downloaded CC (categorization, removing etc; helps you to install CC.

Delphy's Download Organiser: by Delphy at MTS2, natch; gives you total control over your downloads folder.

SimPE: Modding tool that can practically change everything in your game.

GunMod's Camera Replacement: Gives you much greater control over the in-game camera, including the ability to see and use the entire neighborhood.

The CEP: Color Enable Package by Numenor; essential for object recoloration; needed for many recolored CC objects to show up in your game.

MATY Lot Debugger: Does so many things to help your lots runs smoother.

Pescado's Hacks at MATY: A multitude of game fixes, hacks and mods.

Neighborhood Decor Goes ANYWHERE: This is truly Awesome! SaraMK at MATY has devised a hack that allows you to place all of the neighborhood decor anywhere you'd like.

Shop at Home Coat Hook: by MaryLou and Numenor at MTS2; no time to load a super slow community lot for clothes? No problem! This hack allows you to "buy" all clothes at home, for free!

Base Game Compatible
OMSP's: One-More-Slot Package by JohnBrehaut1 and ariffrazalin at MTS2; Allows you to place multiple items on game surfaces.

More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture: by LordDarcy at MTS2; adds decorative slots on top of many Maxis furniture, like dressers or vanity tables, so you can place clutter there without OMSPs.

Random Aspect Generators: by Phaenoh at MTS2; Randomly creates aspirations, turn-ons/ turn-offs, etc; perfect for a legacy challenge.

Stay Things Shrub: at Simological; has a menu so you can choose if your buy mode objects stay when the family moves out, or get sold.

Write in Diary Pen Fix: by Menaceman44 at MTS2; with this fix your Sims will now write in their diaries with a pen, not with a scalpel.

Pirate McSkittles as Default Pollination Technition: by ChihoSan at MTS2; for prettier alien babies.

Maxis Athletic Wear as...Athletic Wear: (also a UNI version available) by Richi3frog at MTS2; Maxis everyday athletic outfits coverted to the athleticwear category.

Toddlers Use Stairs: by rebecah at MTS2; for regular and modular stairs, if you have the Pets EP please check the Pets Hacks list below.

Brightened up BodyShop: by wes_h at MTS2; makes the body shop look brighter - zaz!

Multiplacable Smart Milk: by Marhis at MTS2; a global mod that allows you to place the smart milk everywhere, not only on counters.

Salvaged Stories Crap at MATY: lots of stuff extracted from the Sims Stories series of games.

Sleep and Nap on all Lots: by Numenor at MTS2; does just what it says, and is compatible from base game through Bon Voyage.

No Red Lines at Pause by BBB at InSim; removes the annoying red lines when the game is paused; useful for those who use screenshots to capture pics instead of the in-game camera.

Custom Objects Placeable on OFB Displays and Shelves: by Numenor at MTS2; designed to help you place more kinds of items for sale on your OFB shelves; this is a GLOBAL hack, make sure to read the entire page before downloading.

Hide OFB Mascot Clothes and Hats: by jordi at MTS2; global mod; hides the mascot outfits and hats from OFB so you no longer see them in BS and CAS.

Pets EP
Puppies, Kittens and Toddlers Use Stairs: by rebecah at MTS2; enables use of stairs for pups, kittens and tods; not compatible with the toddler only version of this mod.

Get Dressed Autonomously: by Grapholina at MTS2; sims will autonomously change into everyday clothes after waking; compatible from Uni through FreeTime (possibly AL); read the comments section for possible hack conflicts.

Idle Animations Hack for Movie Making and Storytelling: by Jixs at MTS2; does just what it says; check comments section for compatability/ installation issues.

Unlocked University Outfits: by windkeeper at MTS2; YA outfits made available for adults; updated for Pets.

Seasons EP
Water "half tile" flowers fix & Water inaccessible flowers fix: by dickhurt at MTS2; first one allows Sims to water one-half tile flower beds, even if a diagonal fence or foundation runs through the tile; second one does the same but also allows you to water all flowers regardless of their location on the lot, including completely inaccessible beds.

Longer Seasons: by Quickshot at MTS2; changes the total days for each season.

Maids use Compost: by Smonaff at MTS2; if you have a compost bin on your lot, the maid will dispose of trash there.

Maxis Outerwear As...Outerwear!: by fanseelamb at MTS2; global mod; enables Maxis pre-seasons and SP outerwear as Seasons outerwear.

Replacement for Ideal Plantsim: by Sadie79 at MTS2; replaces the ugly father of spawned Plantsim babies with a better looking one.

Bon Voyage EP
Sunbathe Anywhere: by treeag at MTS2; will enable the option to sunbathe in regular lots in addition to beach lots.

Unlocked Pirates Stuff: by fanseelamb at MTS2; makes the Bon Voyage pegleg pirate costume, hats, and eye patches available in CAS and in-game.

Hotel Room Fix: by Alexx58; fixes hotel room service problem with the food disappearing in NPC's hand if your Sim tries to order food using room service more than once; obsolete for FT p2 patched game.

Lip Ring Fix: by Menaceman44; the meshes for the right lip ring on men and the left lip ring on women are not inside out anymore.

Vacation Jewelry made Available in CAS: by Atreya at MTS2; allows you to use the bon voyage vacation jewelry in CAS and any shop.

Maid Replacement - Maids Use BV Housekeeper Uniform: Atreya at MTS2 had a lovely thought - replace the maid's trashy uniform with the more realistic one from BV. Because, really, how sexy are maids supposed to be?

No Sea Chanting: by Grapholina at MTS2; prevents your Sims from the singing the sea chanty over and over again once they've learned it.

Family Fun SP
Default Replacement Clothes: by Phaenoh at MTS2; makes FFS outfits more usable in game, better colors, no more dragon feet on pajamas, etc.

FreeTime EP
Animated Free Time Cribs: by Menaceman44 at MTS2; your Sims wont stick their arms through the railings anymore!

Celebrations SP
Celebrating White - Default Replacements for Celebrations Outfits; by Phaenoh at MTS2; improved outfits, better colors, meshes made more sleek.

Community Fix for Wedding Arch: by Lord Darcy at MTS2; enables community wedding for Celebration wedding arch; obsolete in AL.

Glamour Life SP
Finishing Touches for Glamour- Defaults, Meshes and Skins: by Phaenoh at MTS2; default replacements outfits, better colors, smoother meshes, etc.

Fix for Empty State of H&M Clothing Rack: by Lord Darcy at MTS2; H&M racks no longer revert to base game wooden rack in OFB shops.

H&M Clothing Booth BV Interactions Fix: will enable Change/Plan Outfits function of H&M clothing booth for BV or FT players; requires BV or at least one EP newer than BV.

Default Mesh Fixes for H&M: by Lord Darcy at MTS2; basically makes the dresses look more sleek.

Teen Style SP
Teen Style Stuff Objects Fix for FreeTimeby Lord Darcy at MTS2; tinkering enabled for Teen TV and more.

Fix for TSS Computer and Stereo: by Lord Darcy; adds BV functions to TSS PC and stereo.

Sims 3 Mods
Sims 2 Cri: A few mods available; Site available in English and Italian.

Enjoy! And, as always, if you have recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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