Friday, January 9, 2009

On the subject of...Paysites

I do not believe in paysites for Sims 2 CC. I do not support them. There are too many free sites for creators to host their items for me to buy into the "but my server costs..." argument. In addition, there are many creators who easily pay their hosting bills by placing a few ads on their sites. So, need to be paid? I don't think so.

You will notice many paysites listed on my site here, and wonder why I would even bother to list them. As mentioned, I didn't make this list to judge the creations or the creators.  Some of the sites in these lists are not sites I personally use. However, simmers have different opinions about what makes CC good. So here on this site, I just list. For any paysite listed on my site you will find a related "booty" link to PMBD. If you don't believe in file sharing, don't go there. It's that simple.

And now a video. One I did not make, but really wish I had.

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