Monday, January 12, 2009

Digital Perversion and Garden of Shadows


Digital Perversion website/ Down, FTM go here for files.

Garden of Shadows forum

Digital Perversion is a huge site devoted to all things dark and gothic, and Garden of Shadows is DP's sister forum site. Both sites have amazing creations of the highest quality. NOTE: Digital Perversion is down until further notice. Pat DP creations can be found in the directory here.

Bodyshop: Chokers, rings, veils and surgical masks.

Hair: Neon, gothic and streaked looks for female sims. GOS also features hair for males as well as ftm and mtf gender converted hair.

Makeup: Gorgeous gothic looks and unique face mask decorations.

Clothing: Amazing gothing looks, mostly for adults (female and male), but also for toddlers, kids and teens.

Genetics: GOS has tons of awesome genetics, including default sets.

Complete Sims: Some very unique and beautiful sims.

Buy Mode: Painting recolors and an immense wall pack at DP; a much larger selection of object recolors at GOS.

100% Free Sites!


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  2. Digital Perversion is now closed. Dam it! I lost all my downloaded files and am currently trying to find them all again, guess I cant replace these :( was a great site!

  3. Leanne, in case you haven't seen the links at GOS, check the links in the post.