Friday, January 1, 2010

Pronup Sims

Pronup Sims

Pronup Sims - SITE DEAD

There is an archive at the Graveyard.

Pronup Sims is an old site, true, and hasn't been updated in a couple of years, also true, but it is one of those sites I am so happy still exists for me to pillage downloads. If there were any long gone creator I wish would come back, it is the creator of Pronup Sims. She has the most beautiful clothing and accessories for that special sims wedding you've always dreamed of.


Clothing: Bridal gowns, Grooms tuxes, Outfits for the wedding party and guests.

Make-up: Looks for the special day.

Hair: Hair styles for the bride.

Accessories: Tiaras, Veils, Scepters, Flowers and more!

100% Free site!

Piggi's Sims (RIP Anke)

Piggi's Sims

Piggi's site was a fixture in the Sims community.  It's founder and creator Anke amassed an amazing collection of simple recolors for the game, including the biggest selection of Maxis recolors around.  Her creations were always impeccably done, and those in the Sims community will miss her terribly.  She passed away in 2011 from complications caused by cancer.  Anke was only 39.  Remember her whenever you use one of her lovely objects.  I know I will.

Archive Sites:
Sims Cave:  All files are here; free registration required.
MTS2:  Some, but not all files.
Blacky's Sims Zoo:  I have never been able to navigate this site, but I know all Piggi's creations are archived here somewhere.
Sims2Graveyard:  Some, but not all.


Objects, Buy and Build Mode: Object mesh recolors, room set recolors and Maxis recolors - all in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Hairs: Many hair recolors in natural shades.

Clothing: Outfits for the Sim Body Builder body shape, adult male of course.

Lots: Residential and Community lots; required EP's clearly marked.

Always a 100% Free Site!



Niaolong Website - DEAD SITE

A hidden gem filled with all kinds of treasures, from recolors to grungy Maxis and so much more. Site is in Japanese and English.

Some of niaolong's files can be found in this wcif livejournal thread.

She also has some CC available at GoS under the name RenK.