Friday, February 27, 2009

Nocturnal Sims


Nocturnal Sims website

Nymphy's profile at MTS2

Nymphy's amazing new site, filled with goodies old and new! She creates gorgeous gothic looks and items for your alternative sims. Everything is of the highest quality so you can download with confidence.

Clothing: Beautiful gothic looks, with different items available at Noukie Sims and MTS2: Adult female, Adult male, Elder female available.

Makeup: Gothic lipsticks, eyeshadows and 3D eyelashes.

Hair: Both natural looks and colorized/ streaky hair for men and women, as well as fabulous facial hair for men.

Build Mode: Great wall sets: One on Nocturnal, two at MTS2.

Buy Mode: A few objects at Noukie: One flower set, one Christmas and one Halloween.

Complete Sims: Two at MTS2.

100% Free Site!

Pixel Dolly (RIP)


Pixel Dolly website: Site now closed. All CC available at the Graveyard.

Ghanima's MTS2 Profile page: Older CC still available here.

Ghanima Atreides dark and lovely site filled with goth and grunge stuffs for your game. All CC is of the highest quality.

Clothing: Delicious downloads for all ages and both genders, tons of older options available at MTS2.

Hair: Both natural looks and brightly colored alternative hairstyles available; three older hairs at MTS2.

Complete Sims: Unique and beautiful sims; older sims at MTS2.

Accessories: Two gorgeous chokers at main site; wings and must-have natural nails at MTS2.

Buy Mode: Amazing, richly textured, goth and grungified object sets.

Lots: Two community lots and one AL apartment set at main site; one older residential lot at MTS2.

Build Mode: One huge Vampire the Masquerade based wall set.

100% Free Site!


This page right now is just a random dumping ground for tutorial links I want to add.

Tutorial for converting clothing to different ages using Sim PE

Club Crimsyn


Club Crimsyn website

Club Crimsyn is a gorgeous website by creators Aikea Guinea and Geldyh. They have the most amazing clothing and objects, including free versions of their old TSR sets. The downloads are all of the highest quality...richly colored grunge and gothic gems for your game!

NOTE:  The Sims 2 content is no longer hosted on the Club Crimsyn website, but there is a handy link from the homepage that will take to the site where it is archived, Garden of Shadows.

Sims 2 Downloads:
Clothing: Clothing options for adult men and women (some are also categorized for YA); clothing styles are dark, gothic, grungy and otherwise alternative looks for your sims; also teen and child clothing available under TSR Sets; four fabulous costumes available under TSR Sets > Themed Sets.

Accessories: Two necklaces; one male, one female; tons more necklaces, bracelets, layerable piercings, layerable rings (for men and women!), and scarves available under TSR Sets.

Hair: One dreadlock look; more alternative hair available under TSR Sets.

Objects: TONS of great decorative objects, perfect for cluttering up a home; more available in TSR Sets.

Build Mode: Grungy-licious walls and floors; more under TSR Sets.

Make-up: Gorgeous lipsticks, contacts and amazing costume makeup; all found under TSR Sets.


Sims 3 Downloads:
High quality, uber-creative CC including patterns, clothing, accessories, skintones, sims...basically if it can be created for Sims 3 it is probably at Club Crimsyn!

100% Free Site!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things Without a Home

Here is my holding cell for all the things I love, but don't yet have a category for.

HP's Taking Totally Bitchin' Pics collection: A collection file for helpful pic taking. NOTE: This is just the collection file. You must download the individual items on your own.

Maxis Studio Lamps: Great for a photography studio.

Jix's Prop Attachment Hack: so your sims can hold things!

Guns, Guns, Guns: Work with the holdable hack, above, free registration required to download on this site.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fashion Twist


Fashion Twist website

Fashion Twist is an adorable website with even more adorable fashions. After watching the Shopaholic movie tonight, this site was just what I needed for a little (free!) retail therapy of my own. Fashionable, yet realistic clothing for your sims, including a revolutionary idea - outerwear and everyday wear that goes together! Amazing!

Clothing: Tons of stuff for your adult females, as well as clothing for female teens, toddlers and even elders. Great looks for male teens, toddlers and adults.

Hair: One cute hair recolor for females.

100% Free Site!

Monday, February 16, 2009

High Poly Information

There are a few kind souls out there devoted to bringing you info on the dreaded poly monsters...regular CC with absurd poly counts. If you've never heard of a poly count, don't fret. All you need to know is high poly counts = SLOOOOOW game play.

CC Poly Counts: A list of high poly count CC objects, hosted by The Sims Cave.

SimPoly: An entire LJ devoted to outing the high poly hairs of Rose, Peggy and Raon.



Simcerely website

Simcerely provides you with an incredible amount of lots for download, mostly furnished residential. There are also a number of unique community lots, as well as some unfurnished residential. Just...lots of lots!

Lots: A wide variety of residential, furnished and unfurnished, and a few community lots.

100% Free Site!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dead Sites

Here you will find a listing of inactive sites, and where to get their downloads, if possible. Good places to search for unavailable items include:
The Sims 2 Graveyard: Features downloads from dead sites.
The Booty: Has an inactive sites section.
Sims Cave: Has an inactive/ dead sites section in their Sharing Area, Free registration required.

Dead Sites
Limelight Sims: Cute, everyday type clothing for your adult female sims.

Mermaid Cove: Lots of items for those who like their sims to look like sims, including some interesting face masks to give your simmies character. As the site notes, items are free to file share. Items can be found at these two Yahoo! Groups: Saving the Sims 60 and Saving the Sims 61, as well as at Crazy Town.

Reflex Sims Forum: After all the drama, this site is disbanded, but has been transferred to, and is now known as Black Pearl Sims

SeraSims: Items can be found at Enchanted Forest, the graveyard, an Angelina Jolie sim at MTS2, a few sets at PMBD and Sims Cave.

Sandy's Sims 2: Makeup, eyes and eyebrows.

Curvalicious Sims 2


Curvalicious Sims 2

Curvalicious Sims offers some realistic and trendy fashions for your voluptuous ladies, and much much more.

Site no longer updated, but downloads are still available.

Clothing: Fashions for 34D/34 and 34D/36 ladies (with more curvalicious body shapes on the way).

Hair: Some lovely retextured hairs for ladies.

Genetics: Realistic eyes.

Complete Sims: Photoskinned sims for you, including some celebrities.

Make-up: Two lipsticks for the ladies.

Lots: A nice selection of charming homes, perfect for suburbia.

100% Free Site!

Pieridae Sims


My own cluttered, disorganized, crazy mess of a site, featuring my few sims downloads and links to some of my favorite CC.

Calalily Sims


Calalily Sims website -

Dead Site:  Calalily's creations can be found at the Graveyard.

Calalily Sims is a long-standing website featuring some of the most creative skintones around. She also creates some cool and unique objects and recolors.

Genetics: Fantasy Skins! Fantasy Skins! Fantasy Skins! (both default and not).

Clothing: Many themed and historical items of clothing, including a pirate theme!

Objects: Tons of Maxis rcolor bedding, to give your sims (gasp!) bedding options, as well as Asian (BV), garden and IKEA (req. SP) recolors.

Build Mode: Walls and Floors.

Lots: A large selection of furnished residential and community lots.

Special: Calalily also hosts Paleonath's TSR items free of charge.

Definitely 100% Free Site!

Reflex Sims Forum Closed

The Reflex Sims Forum and all of it's lovely downloads has been closed, apparently forever. The Reflex Sims regulars have been meeting here, so head over there if you are a lost RSF'er, or if you're just curious about the drama.

Update: RSF has now become Black Pearl Sims

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bluewater Village

Bluewater Village

Bluewater Village website - DEAD SITE

Bluewater Village is a great site with several different creators bringing you a little bit of everything sims.

Bluewater Village seems to be gone. Several of the creator's downloads can be found at MTS2:

Color Sets available at Sims Cave (free registration required)

If anyone has any other info about this site or any of the creators on it, please leave me a note!

Build Mode: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints.

Buy Mode: All kinds of trendy home furnishings and decor.

Clothing: Oh-so-cute fashions for toddlers and kids, trendy looks for teens and adults, and a few stylish picks for elders. Both male and female fashions available.

Complete Sims: Gorgeous females and hunky males available for download.

Genetics: A large selection of eyes, two skintones, and a few cool female hairs.

Jewelry and More: Amazing earrings, some goth necklaces for males and females, trendy purses and a beanie hat.

Make-up: Some trendy make up for your ladies.

Lots: Residential lots, both furnished and not, Community lots and one gorgeous Vacation lot. Lots tend to be modern in style.

Special: Empty neighborhoods, available under "other."

100% Free Site!