Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sims Artist Union (SAU)

 photo SAU2_zpsb7aba87e.jpg

Sims Artist Union was here, then gone, then back, then gone again. And it seems now, back to stay.

Sims 2 Downloads

Hair: Female and Male looks, some Asian-inspired.

Clothing:  Trendy, edgy and some goth fashion for Adult Male.  One trendy look for Adult Female.  Historical Asian costume for both genders.

Genetics:  Eyesets and a skintone.

Makeup:  Makeup for Females, a lipset for Males, and a full face goth makeup set for either.

Accessories:  Unique accessories including a guitar case slung over the shoulder and Winnie the Pooh slippers.

Buy Mode:  A bed set and a traditional Korean candlestick.

 photo SAU3_zps35e53172.jpg
Sims 3 Downloads

Hair:  For Adult Female and Male

Clothing:  Mostly for Males, but one bottom and a few outfits for Females.

Shoes:  For Males and Females

Accessories:  Spiked masks and scarf set.

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