Tuesday, June 9, 2009



GenenSims website

Want to make a sim that looks like a cat? Wondering where everyone's getting those cool animal ear accessories? Well, this is the place. GenenSims is a long-time Sims 2 site, filled with amazing and unique goodies. Their specialty is genentic sets, thus the name.


Eyes: Many, many options, including default replacements for human and alien sims, and of course, cat eyes.

Skins: Default replacements for human and alien sims, including defaults for those who want cat sims or gothic sims. A HUGE selection of realistic and completely unusual skintones for your sims, including cat, alien, lizard, and just plain bizarre.

Hair: Realistic hair color do's, plus neon and streaked recolors. Many unique mohawk hairdo's as well.

Clothing: A few outfits for female adults and one for male adults.

Makeup: Lots of standard make-up options, many facial hair designs, plus the face masks needed to complete your animal-sim looks.

Accessories: This is where it gets interesting. All kinds of wearable ears (cat, dog, rabbit) in many color options; many tail options (fox, cat, short, fluffy, bunny).

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