Wednesday, June 10, 2009

La Pink (RIP)

La Pink

La Pink was Iced Mango's site, filled to the brim with yummy make-up and other goodies for your sim. This site is worth a visit just for the happiness brought on by its sea of bright colors, not to mention the amazing CC.

Her downloads are archived at The Sims Graveyard, here, and her MTS2 CC is still available at her profile, linked below.

LA Pink site:

Makeup: A bevy of trendy looks: Eyeshadows, Lipsticks and glosses, blushes, mascara.

Misc: Nails and Brows also found under makeup.

Face Masks: Unique facemasks that really are face masks -- as in the beauty kind.

Eyes: Beautiful, realistic looking eyes.

Hair: Trendy female and male hair recolors.

Accessories: Eight sunglasses sets, hoop earrings, 3D eyelashes, and Indian/ Oriental jewelry sets.

Older stuff found under Clearance Sale.

Iced Mango's MTS2 page:

Complete Sims: A variety of beautiful sims to download.

Makeup: More eyeshadow, glossies, mascara and blushes.

Misc Makeup and Facemasks: Crossed eyes for your goofy sims, lateral looking eyes, and natural lashes.

Hair: Nine female hair recolors.

Eyes: More gorgeous eyesets.

Accessories: Two sunglasses sets, one regular glasses set, two earrings, a winter accessories set and a big, floppy summer hat.

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