Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sims in Paris (RIP)

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NEW!  Fully functioning site mirror thanks to Shane at BPS!

I can't believe I never added Sims in Paris, sometimes referred to as SIP.  The brainchild of creators Jasmine and Delphine, Sims in Paris had the most amazing furniture sets, many of which have recolors on other sites.  While the site is no longer available, the downloads can be found here at Black Pearl Sims (BPS).

 You need to register at Black Pearl Sims to download, but registration is free.

  SIMS 2 Downloads 
  Buy Mode: All kinds of gorgeous furniture sets.
  Build Mode: Some lovely wallpapers.

 Recolors of SIP sets
  Living 7 rug recolors at BPS
  Living 3 sofa recolors at BPS
  Living 5 green recolors at BPS
  Jasmine and Ama Drink and Relax Set plus recolor at BPS
  Living 6 recolors at BPS