Friday, February 27, 2009

Pixel Dolly (RIP)


Pixel Dolly website: Site now closed. All CC available at the Graveyard.

Ghanima's MTS2 Profile page: Older CC still available here.

Ghanima Atreides dark and lovely site filled with goth and grunge stuffs for your game. All CC is of the highest quality.

Clothing: Delicious downloads for all ages and both genders, tons of older options available at MTS2.

Hair: Both natural looks and brightly colored alternative hairstyles available; three older hairs at MTS2.

Complete Sims: Unique and beautiful sims; older sims at MTS2.

Accessories: Two gorgeous chokers at main site; wings and must-have natural nails at MTS2.

Buy Mode: Amazing, richly textured, goth and grungified object sets.

Lots: Two community lots and one AL apartment set at main site; one older residential lot at MTS2.

Build Mode: One huge Vampire the Masquerade based wall set.

100% Free Site!

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