Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow White Sims


Snow White Sims website - DEAD SITE

Some retextures and an archive of older recolors can be found on her old site.

Some on her other old site.

Recolors and retextured hairs at her Livejournal.

And some at her DreamWidth.

And many more can be found at GoS, in the hair section.

Snow White features some of the most elegantly crafted hair retextures and recolors around. She also has some lovely paintings and alternative outerwear for your Sims.

Hair: Natural retextures and neon/ streaky recolors for male and female sims.

Clothing: One alternative outerwear set for adult female sims.

Objects: Gorgeous recolors of a Maxis mesh.

100% Free Site!

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