Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sims Inlimite (Dead Site)

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DEAD SITE WARNING.  Link is still active, but it seems all the Sims content is gone, and the link to contact the site owner is also dead.  Sigh.

Sims Inlimite hosts unique creations for Sims 2 and 3.  Updates may be sparse, as the creator has just entered University, but here's keeping our fingers crossed she's not done with Sims alltogether!

Sims 2 Downloads

Clothing:  Alternative/ Trendy looks - mostly for Adult and Teen Female, but some for Adult Male.

Accessories:  Alternative earrings, Trendy headbands, and painted fingernails.

Genetics:  Natural eyes and eyebrow sets, plus ten alternative colored hairstyles for female sims.

Makeup:  Eyeshadow, lipsticks and full face makeup "tattoos," beauty marks and eyesets.

Pets:  A variety of cats and dogs.

Build:  Wood flooring

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Sims 3 Downloads

Clothing:  Trendy looks for Adult Male and Female, and a few for Teen Female.

Shoes:  One pair of awesome boots for Adult Female

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