Friday, January 1, 2010

Pronup Sims

Pronup Sims

Pronup Sims - SITE DEAD

There is an archive at the Graveyard.

Pronup Sims is an old site, true, and hasn't been updated in a couple of years, also true, but it is one of those sites I am so happy still exists for me to pillage downloads. If there were any long gone creator I wish would come back, it is the creator of Pronup Sims. She has the most beautiful clothing and accessories for that special sims wedding you've always dreamed of.


Clothing: Bridal gowns, Grooms tuxes, Outfits for the wedding party and guests.

Make-up: Looks for the special day.

Hair: Hair styles for the bride.

Accessories: Tiaras, Veils, Scepters, Flowers and more!

100% Free site!

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