Friday, July 17, 2009

The Downloads I Use, Part VI - Landscaping and Plants

I've decided to make a separate section for plants, simply because it's a paint to keep straight whether they are buy or build mode. And, I use a lot of plants. It's my CC weakness.

Household Flowers and Plants:
Dincer's Plants, all, at Dincer Sims

Mother's Day plant meshes* by Clutteraholic
*Lithium, Mother's Day recolors by Nymphy at Nocturnal

Window boxes, by MaryLou at MTS2

Landscaping Plants
Bigger plants, here and here, by corvidophile at Sirona Sims

Resplendant Garden* at Parsimonious
*Plus Cosmos recolors at Sim Veggie's Garden

Other Worldly Garden* at Parsimonious
*Plus recolors at Sim Veggie's Garden

Eponymous Garden* at Parsimonious
*Recolors at Sim Veggie's

Climbing Vines* at Sirona Sims
*Vine Recolors at Sim Veggie's

Verdant Velvet - Garden Greens* by buggybooz at MTS2
*Two sets of recolors at Sim Veggie's

September Plant Collection by macarossi at MTS2
Desert Landscape by Macarossi at MTS2

Exterior Ivy, Part I and Part II, by Zelia Theib at MTS2

Realistic Grass by mahfood1990 at MTS2

Landscaping - Rocks and Other Things
Rocks by nengi at Sims Crossing (includes Rock Spa and Campfire)

The Pond in July* by macarossi at MTS2
*recolors by nengi at Sims Crossing

Rocks and Stepping Stones by Jonesi at BPS

Waterfall Shower by marvine at MTS2

PIP patio by buggybooz at MTS2
*Amazing grungy recolors by KunoichiKatie made for me! at GOS

Deco toads by nengi at Sims Crossing

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